19 September 2016

Hope Quotes

Title: Hope
English Title: Hope

Episode 01

Oda Isahito: What are you good at? Try to market yourself.
Ichinose Ayumu: My good point? My good point is...
Oda Isahito: Don't you have even one?

Oda Isahito: You see, I don't have any problem if someone who got in through his connections shows his seriousness, but you are different. All this time you just sat down and did nothing. If you want to do something, at least you could write a memo. Am I wrong?
Oda Isahito: You're 22 years old and you have not even one thing you're good at. Didn't you just sit down and do nothing? Have you done something, even just one thing, seriously? It's useless to ask, huh?!

Oda Isahito: Did you come here because of your dream's setback? Is this job your dream's substitute?
Oda Isahito: We are seriously fighting here. Don't be spoiled. Other interns are the same; this is the place they dream of. They work here, they work to learn more than anyone, ... Don't use that excuse again. You're being rude to your colleagues who are fighting seriously.

Ichinose Ayumu: My effort was not enough; that's why this happened to me. Even though it's painful, I have to think like this.
Ichinose Ayumu: The thing that I have to do right now is to work more seriously than everyone.

Oda Isahito: Listen, working is a group task. This is not where you work alone.

Oda Isahito: Don't just easily apologize for everything! That's why you're useless.

Episode 02

Aki Kosuke: There's nothing as tricky as negotiating with your classmate or peer.
Ichinose Ayumu: Why?
Aki Kosuke: Because it's about business. No matter how good your relationship is, in a negotiation it's about being on top or at the bottom.
Aki Kosuke: You don't want to bow your head to your old friend so you won't back off from secrets and lies. Negotiating with a stranger is far more easier.

Ichinose Ayumu: I had always thought only the victor is strong. But today, I learned this is wrong. People who fight are all strong.

Oda Isahito: Be careful with drinking alcohol. Don't drink more than you can tolerate. That's a cardinal rule for every salaryman.

Ichinose Ayumu: Since the moment we enter society, we spend most of our lifetime on work. And all this time, we are wearing a suit. The suit is the combat uniform in which we fight here. In a suit, we compete with our peers, and we support our colleagues. In order to protect our family, for our advancement, we have to grit our teeth, and continue working to matter how hard it is.
Ichinose Ayumu: Everyone here is fighting seriously. But nobody can fight all by himself. Our business is teamwork. We give what we have, and we receive what we're lacking. Outwork is a mutual giving and taking.
Ichinose Ayumu: The suit certainly doesn't kill our individuality, it proves that we're comrades.

Episode 03

Kazuki Akane: I don't really know. How should a member of this company behave? How far is it good to speak up? I think you will know what I should do.
Shiraishi Ryoko: ... But, if you think something is right, I think it's good to do it. Because if I had not done it, I'd regret it now.

Episode 04

Aki Kosuke: If I couldn't use my money for myself, I wouldn't know for what I am working.

Aki Kosuke: For what exactly are you working then?

Ichinose Ayumu: "For what am I working" is a question I had never asked myself.

Ohira ?: "The most important quality in this business is courage. If you let them walk all over you, it's over." He taught me to hit back right from the start.

Kiriaki Shinji: Then, in order to do business, what's the most important thing for you?
Ohira ?: Always treating your business partners cordially. I think if you do that, the other side will lend you their ear, and a trustful relationship can be built.

Hitomi Shogo: A company should place people in positions where they do their jobs well.

Kiriake Shinji: Working for the company at the expense of yourself is a mistake. Kiriake Shinji: The company is a place for you to grow, a place to build your career. You don't live for the sake of the company.

Oda Isahito: The match is on. The side who pulls back loses the match.

Ichinose Ayumu: If the situation is unfavorable, change your tactics. That's a proverb in go. When the course of the game is painful, confuse the situation, and make an unexpected move.

Ichinose Ayumu: A counterstrike against the opponent's attack, that's the tactics now.

Yuki Masaharu: Don't you think it is necessary to see until the end how such a trouble is dealt with?
Kiriake Shinji: Of course, I also wanted to learn this, but I thought it makes no sense to stay there any longer.
Yuki Masaharu: The one who decides if it makes sense or not isn't you.

Ichinose Ayumu: There's a way to fight for everyone. Everybody has their own way to play go.

Ichinose Ayumu: No matter for what purpose people work, they all have their reason to work... And it's good that the important things they work for are different for everyone.

Episode 05

Kazuki Akane: At least I want to do the task that's been assigned to me properly.

Kazuki Akane: "It's dark under the lighthouse", isn't it?

Oda Isahito: A salaryman who isn't interested in advancing his career doesn't exist.

Yuki Masaharu: It doesn't matter whether I like you or I don't like you. In the first place, I don't know you well enough to dislike you.

Episode 06

Hitomi Shogo: I just noticed that with total commitment, we can overcome the current situation.
Ichinose Ayumu: Isn't it possible to fix the crack?

Aki Kosuke: What are you saying? Don't say unnecessary things.

Oda Isahito: It shows he's paying attention. It's proof that he's becoming a good support.

Kiriaki Shinji: What's impossible is impossible. No matter how much effort you put into it, something that can't be changed won't change! Well, I guess you never had to struggle hard, so you won't understand.
Ichinose Ayumu: I do understand. There are things that can't be changed no matter how hard you try, I know that.

Ichinose Ayumu: But, unlike you, someone like me who is not perfect, I just try to do what I can.

Ichinose Ayumu: If we do not continue to sell, we have no right to buy it.

Hitomi Shogo: It's really crazy, your way of doing things.
Kazuki Akane: I can't think of any other way to do it. If you know the right way, I wish you'd tell me.

Kazuki Akane: I have to change myself quickly.
Hitomi Shogo: It's very difficult to change one's self.
Kazuki Akane: It's easier than waiting for other people to change.

?: Don't use an easy way out.

Kiriaki Shinji: Selling things is difficult, isn't it? It must be something that people need.

Oda Isahito: It seems it wasn't easy to sell. What did you learn from this?
Ichinose Ayumu: Selling an item that's needed to people who need it, that's what it's all about.

Ichinose Ayumu: If I put in effort, I can become one someday, right?

Ichinose Ayumu: Before I knew it I had forgotten that I'm different from everybody else here.

Aki Kosuke: Why did you say such a terrible thing? If he gives his best, why shouldn't he become a regular employee?
Oda Isahito: No high school graduate has ever become a member of our regular staff.
Aki Kosuke: That may be true, but wouldn't it be better not to say is so clearly?
Oda Isahito: I don't want him to cherish false hopes.

Ichinose Ayumu: I had thought I could accomplish the same as everybody else. How stupid of me.

Aki Kosuke: If we think about it properly, I don't know much about you, huh?!

Aki Kosuke: So he has been working hard for a long time, right? He will be alright from now on.

Ichinose Ayumu: There are some things that never change, and somehow I was glad about it.

Oda Isahito: In a company, endurance wins.

Episode 07

Ichinose Ayumu: It's something I have known; that someday, it would be over for me. But still, I really didn't want to hear it.

Ichinose Ayumu: That's right. I must not forget there are people who think of me.

Ichinose Ayumu: There's still some time remaining. I'll keep my composure, and work proudly until the end.

Ichinose Ayumu: There's no guarantee that tomorrow will be a day like this again, that's why we should cherish such moments.

Oda ?: Forget it already... No matter how often you want to change it, it will always be the same.

Oda ?: Don't ask so high and mighty if you're entitled (to something). If you want to do it, just do it!

Episode 08

Episode 09

Kiriaki Shinji: I'm sure some of you think this will be another day of loss, or why didn't I work harder, or have other regrets. But, when we become a member of the society, these are all things of the past. This here is a new start line. From now on, you will be facing several new obstacles, and how to overcome them, that's the important question. No matter how brilliant you have been before, once you're exposed to the rough realities of society, this brilliance disappears in an instant. Occasionally, you will encounter a wall you can't surmount, no matter how hard you struggle. There will be days when you're shedding tears all alone, without anyone to consult. At such times, please take a look around. Around you are colleagues who are fighting the same battle... When it seems you're in a desperate situation, these colleagues will certainly come to your aid... And there's one more thing. If you work hard, there are not only your colleagues around you, but also a superior who will always give you a helping hand...
Kiriaki Shinji: It's not important where you work. It's whom you meet, and what kind of relationships you establish.
Kiriaki Shinji: Even if you can no longer stay at the place where you hope to work, if you are able to build strong bonds with your superiors and colleagues, you will be fine wherever you go.