08 September 2016

はぴまり Happy Marriage Quotes

  • はぴまり Hapi Mari
  • はぴまり Hapi Mari ~ Happy Marriage!? ~
English Title: Happy Marriage

Episode 01

Mamiya Chiwa, also known as Takanashi Chiwa: Even if we don't want this job, people like us have to do it for someone else's sake because no one else will.

Mamiya Hokuto: Don't do anything unnecessary.

Episode 02

Episode 03

Yagami Yu: Whether my work is interesting or boring, it's my own choice, after all.

Sōma Taeko: Since long before, people have always been able to ride accordingly to how one appears in sight.

Episode 04

Mamiya Hokuto: The only one who can kiss you is me. Now that we are married, you are mine and I am yours alone.

Episode 05

Episode 06

Sōma Taeko: As the saying goes, "going too far is as bad as not going far enough."

Episode 07

Episode 08

Episode 09

Episode 10

Episode 11

Sōma Taeko: There's an idiom that says, "do things step by step early."

Sōma Taeko: Since long before, "brothers will always be like strangers eventually".

Episode 12

Mamiya ?: No one can change the past. What's important is what happens from now on.