08 September 2016

はぴまり Happy Marriage

  • はぴまり Hapi Mari
  • はぴまり Hapi Mari ~ Happy Marriage!? ~
English Title: Happy Marriage
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2016
Episode: 12
  • 藤岡靛 Téng Gāng Diàn (藤岡竜雄 Fujioka Tatsuo) (ディーン・フジオカ Dean Fujioka)
  • 清野菜名 Seino Nana
  • 藤原紀香 Fujiwara Norika
  • 白洲迅 Shirasu Jin
  • 篠田麻里子 Shinoda Mariko
  • 温水洋一 Nukumizu Yōichi
  • 小野武彦 Ono Takehiko
  • 山崎銀之丞 Yamazaki Ginnojō
  • 近藤芳正 Kondo Yoshimasa
  • 鷲尾真知子 Washio Machiko

Mamiya Hokuto is the most eligible bachelor in Japan. He is the general manager of Various Consulting and he has an annual income of JPY50 million.

Hokuto approaches Takanashi Chiwa and tells her to marry him. Chiwa has a lot of financial debt because of her gambling-obsessed father, and she had to ask for Hokuto's hlp to pay her father's creditors.

Chiwa agrees to enter a contract marriage with Hokuto. When Hokuto introduces her to his estranged family, Chiwa finds out that Hokuto had an arrangement with the family patriarch that if Hokuto marries the granddaughter of his grandfather's first love, Hokuto will get half of the family's wealth.

Happy Marriage is an entertaining drama about a contract marriage. Mamiya Hokuto and Takanashi Chiwa find themselves falling in love with each other as they spend time together as a married couple.

Hokuto has the characteristics of an ideal person, save for the fact that he has a very complicated family situation but that's not really something he can control, so it's no wonder Chiwa would grow to love him as she gets to know him on a deeper level.

Chiwa, on the other hand, must have her own charms though I'm afraid I couldn't really see it. I mean, she's not a terrible person, but she's also not an excellent one. I can't also consider her as an average person because she doesn't seem to have much of a common sense.

She lives with her irresponsible father who is obsessed with gambling, so I don't understand why she would keep the household budget in envelopes inside the kitchen drawer. Her father often steals her money and personal belongings, so I don't know why she doesn't take extreme measures to make sure that doesn't happen such as putting her money in her personal bank account or something.

Anyway, I had fun watching Happy Marriage, though there were times when I was put off with the portrayal of Chiwa by actress Seino Nana, and perhaps that's the reason why I haven't really warmed up to the character.

The drama is quite an easy watch and it's also short with just around thirty minutes per episode, with a total of twelve episodes. If you like any of the lead actors, you would probably enjoy watching it.

はぴまり Happy Marriage