17 June 2016

早子先生、結婚するって本当ですか? Hayako-sensei, Kekkon Surutte Hontō desu ka? Quotes

Title: 早子先生、結婚するって本当ですか? Hayako-sensei, Kekkon Surutte Hontō desu ka?
English Title:
  • Teacher Hayako, Is It True that You're Getting Married?
  • The Single Teacher Miss Hayako

Episode 01

Moriyama Fūko: "People who say marriage is boring; it's not because marriage itself is boring but it's those people themselves who get bored at whatever they do to start with," Mom scolded me with that.

Tatsuki Haruko: I think sometimes, "I want to go somewhere; somewhere far away... just give up my job and go to a town where no one knows me... anywhere but here. Somewhere far away, I just want to go.."

Tatsuki Tatsushi: Up until now and from here on, all the turning points in my life have been decided by me... I'll decide for myself when it's time to quit.

Tatsuki Haruko: On occasion I would take detours, just little detours that would take me home along a slightly different path than yesterday.

Episode 02

Sendagi Rentaro: As long as you're serious about it, you can do anything.

Minato Sosuke: By the way, why would a woman go out of her way to tell him such a thing? ... Why go to the bother? It wasn't necessary, was it?

Kugayama Mika: For the time being anyhow, pushing forward with this love thing just doesn't suit me.

Tatsuki Haruko: It'd be no exaggeration to say that the few romances in my life had mostly been filled with 'somehow' and 'for the time being'. "He's a nice man somehow, so I'll go out with him for the time being." 'Somehow' through high school, and 'for the time being' in college...

Tatsuki Haruko: There are lots of good men out there. What I'm looking for isn't a 'good man' but a man I could love. I really want to meet a man I could love. Will I meet one?

Sendagi Rentaro: Being serious is fine. As long as you do things seriously, then good things will surely come to you someday.

Episode 03

Saga Shunsuke: Ah, I really don't know what to do... and when you don't know what to do, it's best to discuss it with someone, right?
Kugayama Mika: It's not.
Narimasu Umeko: Maybe it's because you're young?
Kugayama Mika: It's a given that a woman wouldn't consult with you on that. I think it comparatively obvious that if you have something to discuss with us, then you have already come to your conclusion.

Episode 04

Akikawa Riri: The more specific the image you have, the easier it is to achieve. I think you have to make your own destiny.

Hongo Junkichi: Have you given any thought to what the kanji characters for 'encounter' really mean? 'Encounter' is made up of 'to go' and 'to meet'. In other words, it's important to go out and meet people. When you shut yourself up, it's like you're closing your heart with the intention of shutting it, isn't it? If you meet people and cherish your relationships with them, then someday, "then all of you will have wonderful encounters as well."

Episode 05

Sendagi Rentaro: Go to a slightly different place than the one you've been at until now.

Episode 06

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Episode 08

Tatsuki Hayako: In life, a refresh is essential.

Moriyama Fūko: There's a fine line between "refreshing your life" and "escaping from reality"!

Moriyama Fūko: Toenails, just clipping them for you without saying anything is the character of a man who enjoys child rearing.

Kugayama Mika: Acting in order to gain love is 'searching for a lover'. Acting in order to get married is a 'marriage hunt'.

Narimasu Umeko: "Anyhow, I want to do what's right before me with all of my might."

Akasaka Aiko: "You should count the fun things." Look, rather than counting the unhappy things, counting up the happy things is the better way.

Episode 09

Kugayama Mika: There are people who can obtain what they want even without saying, "I want it", and there are people who can't obtain that without saying, "I want it".

Tatsumi Hayako: It might be when it's time for you to meet them, that's when you meet the person you're destined to be with. It might be there's someone somewhere that you're connected to but you just haven't realized it.