16 March 2016

ダメな私に恋してください Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Quotes

Title: ダメな私に恋してください Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai
English Title:
  • Please Fall In Love With the 'No-Good' Me
  • Please Love Me
  • Please Love the Useless Me

Episode 01

Shibata Michiko: I can't do anything 'normal'.

Kurosawa Ayumu: If you didn't get it, you'd normally ask again (for clarification), shouldn't you?!

Kurosawa Ayumu: You can't do it, or you don't want to do it? Which is it?
Shibata Michiko: I am overflowing with motivation!
Kurosawa Ayumu: Then, that means you're stupid, aren't you?

? Sho: You'd better properly put pressure on your future, or nothing will work for you... There's no job in this world that will hire you by just simply thinking about it!

Shibata Michiko: Why did I become this kind of adult, in the first place?

Kurosawa Ayumu: The man who always got angry at the time, he probably got irritated on his own self whom he didn't like. "I wasn't supposed to be this kind of adult, in the first place."

Shibata Michiko: Don't expect that you're sorry will cover up for everything.

Shibata Michiko: See, women are told to take good care of themselves, so I'm taking a great care about it -- extra good care... Well, if it hurts me, ti's too late to say that it does, you know?

Kurosawa Ayumu: A woman with childish personality inside is not what an adult woman should be, she's just a useless woman!

Shibata Michiko: If I became an adult, I wanted to have a jog in an ordinary way, find myself a boyfriend in an ordinary way, and get married in an ordinary way. I didn't know that 'normal' could be this complicated. Being normal, even I wanted to live like that too.
Kurosawa Ayumu: Everyone is doing their best and just ordinarily getting by every day.

Kurosawa Ayumu: Weren't you told to shut your mouth if your mouth is full?

Ikushima Akira: At this rate, you will really become just a 'convenient-use' woman. If you call yourself a grown woman, you need to march over there, cuss out that brat, and take your money back.

Shibata Michiko: Even if I can turn back time, I won't!

Episode 02

Shibata Michiko: If you had said that right from the start, I could have done my utmost best!
Kurosawa Ayumu: You should have done your best right from the start!

Fujiko ?, also known as Sakai Fujiko: A crisis opens new chances...
Shibata Michiko: A crisis? It's because of that crisis that I'm here!
Fujiko ?, also known as Sakai Fujiko: Isn't that good in a way? You settled with a new job, and a great new encounter might happen...

Fujiko ?, also known as Sakai Fujiko: What matters in the end is perseverance. Do your best!
Shibata Michiko: After all, in any age, if you were to receive flowers, you'd be happy too!

Ikushima Akira: If it's something that your special someone gave you, whether it's flowers or anything, you'd still be happy. But then, somehow, when you don't even like the person and you take something he has given you, it leaves a bad feeling, right?

Mogami Daichi: For us to meet plenty of times, I thought, "Could this be fate"?

Shibata Michiko: Doesn't this classify as a date?
Kurosawa Ayumu: No, that's totally wrong.
Shibata Michiko: After all, we watched a movie and we went out for dinner. Isn't that called a date?
Kurosawa Ayumu: It's not about where you went; it's about who you are going out with, right? Do you want to see me?
Kurosawa Ayumu: A date is called as it is if you have a feeling that you want to meet the other person. If you're going our with someone you see everyday, it's called 'daily life'. IF you're the only one who wants to see the other person, it's one-sided...

Episode 03

Kurosawa Ayumu: For a 30-year-old like you who's working in society, working so hard all by yourself is slacking off. It's easier for you to be working overtime than confronting the others, right? Rather than working by yourself, making others work for you is way more difficult.

Shibata Michiko: If Misaki seriously creates the graph, seriously calculates the data, and seriously makes a mistake; I think I'll still seriously help out. We aren't allowed to make mistakes, but more than that, what's not allowed is that it can't be helped if you make mistakes. It's not about you making such mistakes, it's because you're not seriously doing your job.

Episode 04

Mogami Daichi: A foreign proverb that states, "Take the opportunity by forelock"... That's why we have to catch the chances as fast as we can when it arrives to us. When I heard about that, if ever I want something, I have to reach out my hands to it quickly.

Shibata Michiko: In illicit love affair, "Where you go is hell, where you return is hell".

Kurosawa Ayumu: "Take it if you see it."

Shibata Michiko: To be this happy makes me scared, or like, even the supernatural person on TV said that, "After happiness, there will be a misfortune coming."

Kurosawa Ayumu: "Take the forelock, and tie it." If you lose this chance now, you won't get another one, you know?

Kurosawa Ayumu: The most important thing in marriage is "rather than sharing the same thing a couple likes, it's important that they share the things that they are weak in or that they hate too."
Koita Kazuo: About the things you like, if you can match your likes with your partner, it'll be twice more fun. But you cannot match with your partner if you can't share something you dislike, right? Even if you hate it, you just have to endure it then; it'll just be increasing the agony, you see.

Episode 05

Ikushima Akira: Today is your youngest time...

Episode 06

Episode 07

Ikushima Akira: I hope you get used to it, being number one.

Episode 08

Kurosawa Haruko: What do you mean that there's nothing?! Starting from now on, there are still a lot of beginnings that are about to occur, right? Isn't that something to look forward to?

Episode 09

Episode 10