09 January 2016

アンダーウェア Underwear Quotes

Title:アンダーウェア Andāu~ea (Underwear)
English Title:
  • Atelier
  • Lingerie
  • Underwear

Episode 01: Lingerie

Nanjo Manami: Listen, I have only one criterion, and that's whether it's beautiful or not. And what makes it beautiful is not just design or how it looks. Top class material, elaborate patterns, high quality sewing, maximum comfort, reasonable prices, customer satisfaction; only the products that have all of these qualities can be called beautiful.

Nanjo Manami: Novelty? What's novelty? No one knows what it will be.
Nanjo Manami: Don't expect us to be new. I have and will always make only beautiful products.

Nanjo Manami: Tell me what "dissemble" means.
Tokita Mayuko: It means to adorn only what can be seen, and hide the true nature. It means to pretend to be something else.
Nanjo Manami: You're right. But it can also mean to spruce yourself up nicely according to time and place, strive to make yourself fit, and try not to give discomfort to others.
Nanjo: Manami: Now that you're here, learn to dissemble like a woman.

Tokita Mayuko: That (beauty) is in the eye of the beholder.

Tokita Mayuko: What is beauty?

Tokita Mayuko: Why in the world do women have to try to be beautiful? Styling our hair, choosing cute clothes, taking time to put on makeup... Why wear expensive lingerie, and make our breasts look bigger and our body look sleek? Why do women have to dress up themselves and look beautiful? It's absurd! It's so unreasonable!
Nanjo Manami: ... Throughout human history, in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and of course Europe, all women in every age and every place have been trying to be beautiful all through their existence, and humans have been admiring the beauty of women. You're questions are nonsense. The human history is the answer.

Saruhashi Jin: No one knows for sure what beauty is. But because no one knows, someone like our boss Nanjo Mayumi has to keep pursuing it.
Saruhashi Jin: Otherwise, our world would be filled with ugly, cheap, low quality stuff.

Tokita Mayuko: What do you really think? What you think is beautiful is different that what sells. I agree. But, do you really think it's the right thing to do, to make whatever customers want?
Nanjo Manami: Does anyone show what their true thoughts are? It's a true thought because we hide it. You really are a mismatch here if you don't understand the beauty of hiding.

Nanjo Manami: Are you saying you're tacky because you're poor? Don't underestimate the poor.

Episode 02: You Are What You Wear

Nanjo Manami: "He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin."

Nanjo Manami: Listen. In order to satisfy a customer's needs, you need experience, not heart. You need skills learned through accomplishment.

Nanjo Manami: Please, don't ever say, "It wouldn't suit someone like me".

Episode 03: A Brand New Challenge

Nanjo Manami: You need to figure out if you want to continue working here...
Nanjo Manami: I'm only saying you should decide what to do with your life.

Tokita Mayuko: Origami has always come in handy.

Nanjo Manami: Do you understand now? That's why you wear lingerie. It seems pointless, but you wear it for yourself.
Nanjo Manami: Beauty is a weapon.

Episode 04: A Change of Pace

Nishizawa Mizuki: Women buy out of desires. "I want to be like her. I want what she has." It's the number one motivation for women.

Nanjo Manami: It should be up to the customers. I want the customers to learn how to recognize quality for themselves.
Ida Fumika: How many people in society actually recognize quality?
Nanjo Manami: That's a good question.
Ida Fumika: No one knows anything! No one knows what to choose. We're helping them by telling them, "You'll be okay if you buy this." Isn't that the power of a brand?

Nanjo Manami: When a customer decides to buy something, there's always a story there.
Nanjo Manami: Even if you never see the customer, you create with the customer in mind. That's the true form of craftmanship.

Nanjo Manami: There aren't only stories about beginnings. There are also stories about the past; stories that you can't forget, stories you keep in your heart...

Episode 05: Making My Mark

Nanjo Manami: Confidence and courage; as long as you have those, you can go on with your work.

Ono Aya: Women should take care of themselves. They should wear high quality garments.

Episode 06: Marketing Matters

Nanjo Manami: You're like a child, getting upset when things don't go her way.

Nanjo Manami: Is being consistent such a bad thing?

Nanjo Manami: Pour all that passion into something you can do right now.

Tokita Mayuko: No matter how beautiful the product is, if no one knows about it, it's as if it didn't exist.

Tokita Mayuko: Everyone does things thinking they don't have a choice.

Episode 07: Race to the Top

Ono Aya: That's silly of you, trying to do everything on your own. I understand the feeling of wanting to do things yourself. But, you know, a strong person isn't afraid to ask for help.

Miki Tsunehiko: I won't do it for free. I'm a professional, after all.

Miki Tsunehiko: You know what I can't stand? Amateurs who think they can impress people without spending any money, thinking they can move people's hearts and put on a polished show all on their own! You're just an amateur and you think you can pull it off? I can't stand that kind of naive thinking! Don't underestimate my job!
Miki Tsunehiko: Something that impresses others can only be done by a skilled professional.

Episode 08: The Runway

Miki Tsunehiko: That's normal... Designers always try to perfect their work until the last minute. Attempting to reach their limits is what professionals do.

Miki Tsunehiko: (You're sick and) you could have gotten someone else sick. Do you understand how inconsiderate that is?

Episode 09: What's Next

Episode 10: The Past is Present

Oyama Shuko: You ordered it, you're responsible for eating it.

Episode 11: When the Cat's Away

Tanaka Reiko: Holding on to regret is an obsession.

Episode 12: Opportunity Knocks

Episode 13: Out in the Open

Tanaka Reiko: Once she decides to make something, she tries to make it the best it can be.

Tokita Mayuko: Do you think there's anyone who goes around saying, "This is how I truly feel?"

Tokita Mayuko: I've learned how to hide things.