10 January 2016

刑事バレリーノ Keiji Ballerino

Title: 刑事バレリーノ Keiji Ballerino
English Title: Detective Ballerino
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2016
Episode: 01
  • 中島裕翔 Nakajima Yuto
  • 高嶋政宏 Takashima Masahiro
  • 永作博美 Nagasaku Hiromi
  • 松井玲奈 Matsui Rena
  • 杉本哲太 Sugimoto Tetta
  • 竹山隆範 Takeyama Takanori (カンニング竹山 Cunning Takeyama)
  • 長谷川純 Hasegawa Jun
  • 内田紳一郎 Uchida Shinichiro
  • 綾田俊樹 Ayata Toshiki
  • 大和田伸也 Owada Shinya
  • 阿部翔平 Abe Shohei

Usushima Kurumi is a ballet dancer who won a prestigious national ballet competition when he was younger. Although he still takes pride in being a ballerino, he no longer wants to pursue it as a career.

When Kurumi witnessed detective Washio Takao rescue a child from a house on fire, Kurumi decided that he would become a police detective. Upon joining the work force, Kurumi is ecstatic when he was told that he would be working with his idol.

Kurumi and Takao are in charge of a string of cases wherein renowned doctors are being killed one after the other. Before committing the crime, the suspects ask their victims, "Won't you buy me a toy?"

Keiji Ballerino is an interesting drama about reincarnation and past lives. It talks about how some people can sometimes remember things they have no reason for remembering, as if they are remembering someone else's life.

It seems that the suspects who killed the doctors are being possessed by the ghosts of some children who had some unfinished business with the doctors. The doctors were going to receive an award for their work wherein they killed children in the name of science, and perhaps these children couldn't accept that these doctors are going to be rewarded for their evil deeds.

刑事バレリーノ Keiji Ballerino