21 December 2015

퐁당퐁당 러브 Splash Splash Love

Title: 퐁당퐁당 러브 Pongdangpongdang Leobeu
English Title:
  • Splash Splash Love
  • Splish Splash Love
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2015
Episode: 2
  • 김슬기 Kim Seul Gi
  • 윤두준 Yoon Doo Joon
  • 진기주 Jin Ki Jo
  • 안효섭 Ahn Hyo Sup
  • 고규필 Go Kyu Pil
  • 엄혜정 Uhm Hye Jung
  • 이재준 Lee Jae Joon
  • 강현 Kang Hyun

Jang Dan Bi is a typical senior high school student preparing for the national college scholastic aptitude examination. She is not very good at studying, particularly mathematics, and she's worried about a lot of things.

Dan Bi panics on her way to school to take the most important academic test of her life, and she wishes to get away from everything. It was raining that day, and Dan Bi finds a puddle that seems like it's a portal to somewhere else. Although Dan Bi doesn't know where the puddle leads to, she's desperate to go anywhere, and she jumps in.

Dan Bi finds herself in the Joseon era, where there is a major drought and everyone is praying for rain to come. She meets Lee Do, the young king of the dynasty.

Splash Splash Love is a great drama about a young person who never took things seriously until she had to, and how life turned out wonderfully when she decided to face things head on instead of always running away.

?: What is it that you like exactly?
?: If you don't have anything you like, you should at least find something you're good at.

Like most people her age, Jang Dan Bi must make some decisions about her future, and she is scared that she'll make the wrong choices. She ends up putting off whatever it is she has to do, but she later realizes that running away won't really solve all her problems and would even sometimes make things worse.

The short drama is about self-discovery in many ways; about how we don't know the extent of our abilities until we apply ourselves, about how we move forward anyway whether we are ready or not, and about how we can only deal with whatever comes our way as best as we can.

Splash Splash Love has a tightly woven narrative about growing up and becoming an adult. It was short at just two episodes, but that just means that most scenes are made of substance and there aren't a lot of fillers.

However, I wasn't very satisfied with the romance in the drama because the lead actors, and consequently their characters, din't have sizzling chemistry with each other. Perhaps it was just me but although I get their love story on an intellectual level, I wasn't really gripped emotionally.

퐁당퐁당 러브 Splash Splash Love