13 December 2015

スペシャリスト4 Specialist 4

Title: スペシャリスト3 Supesharisuto (Specialist) 4
English Title: Specialist (The Specialist 4)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 01
  • 草彅剛 Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
  • 南果歩 Minami Kaho
  • 芦名星 Ashina Sei
  • 平岡祐太 Hiraoka Yuta
  • 佐戸井けん太 Satoi Kenta
  • 中丸新将 Nakamaru Shinso
  • 大杉漣 Osugi Ren
  • 江波杏子 Enami Kyoko
  • 宮武美桜 Miyatake Mio
  • 斎藤工 Saito Takumi
  • 徳井優 Tokui Yū
  • 紺野まひる Konno Mahiru
  • 要潤 Kaname Jun
  • 洞口依子 Dōguchi Yoriko
  • 高田翔 Takada Shō
  • 弓削智久 Yuge Tomohisa
  • 国広富之 Kunihiro Tomiyuki
  • 山下容莉枝 Yamashita Yorie
  • 団時朗 Dan Jirō

Takuma Yoshito was accused of attempted murder, and he was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor. He is known as Prisoner #244 while in prison, and he studied other prisoners extensively while inside. He became an excellent criminal profiler, who is called a specialist in Japan.

Ten years into serving his sentence, the victim of the crime he didn't commit has regained consciousness, and he declared that Yoshito is innocent. Yoshito is then released from prison and he became a free man.

Yoshito used to work in the Public Relations department of the Kyoto Prefectural Police before his arrest. The higher-ups are worried that Yoshito is a ticking time bomb for being a victim of miscarried justice, and they gave him a job to keep an eye on him.

Yoshito is part of the newly established Special Investigation Task Force. The team is composed of chief clerk Inokuma Sachio who was from the Forensics department, Anekoji Chinami who was from the First Investigation division, Matsubara Yuiko who was from Second Investigation division, and Horikawa Kohei who was from the Security department.

The Special Investigation Task Force is tasked to diffuse a time bomb at a public place, but they don't have much information on who placed the bomb in the area and why these individuals want to blow up the place.

Specialist is about a brilliant man who became an excellent criminal profiler, who is also called a specialist in Japan, because of special circumstances.

Takuma Yoshito was falsely arrested and while serving his sentence, he used the time he was in prison by learning about the criminal's psyche from other prisoners. When he became a police detective, he used this acquired knowledge to solve cases and arrest criminals.

Specialist talks about different kinds of criminals. They tend to get lumped together, but criminals have various reasons for committing crimes. Some criminals do it unintentionally, some criminals do it to protect something or someone, some criminals do it to exact revenge, and a small number of criminals actually derive pleasure from killing someone.

Specialist 4 is about crowd funding, and about how people utilize the internet to collect investment from other people to finance their projects. In this drama, crowd funding is utilized by an awful group of people initially to do pranks on society, and later on to commit crimes.

I can't believe people would actually put their money on a project that they know is a crime such as kidnapping, robbery, and assassination of a government official. I just can't accept that people can be that devious and despicable.

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