14 December 2015

掟上今日子の備忘録 Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku Quotes

Title: 掟上今日子の備忘録 Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku
English Title:
  • Okitegami Kyōko's Memorandum
  • Okitegami Kyōko's Notebook

Episode 01

Okitegami Kyōko: "using a forest to hide a tree"...

Okitegami Kyōko: Who do you think is the most suspicious?

Okitegami Kyōko: For humans, while there's life, there's hope.

Okitegami Kyōko: Everyone, do you know this saying? "The hands say what the mouth does not."
Kakushidate Yakusuke: Isn't that the eyes? "The eyes say what the mouth does not."
Okitegami Kyōko: Never mind the details.

Okitegami Kyōko: No one's testimony is completely reliable.

Gifube Nagane: Back then, I was full of hope. "If someone has ability, they'll be appreciated anywhere."

Okitegami Kyōko: That's just it. For me, there is only today. I don't want it to be a day I regret.

Episode 02

Okitegami Kyōko: If there's someone you like, you should go for it. People never know what will happen.

Kakushidate Yakusuke: I don't know what to think.
Okitegami Kyōko: That's fine. The book was never intended to be a lesson on how to live life. It's enough to close it and think it was interesting. Because it's a story.

Okitegami Kyōko: I'm sorry. I'll forget everything.
Kujirai Ruka: That's fine. I'll remember.

Episode 03

Kakushidate Yakusuke: Even if everyone sees the same thing, it's appearance depends on the eye of the beholder.

Okitegami Kyōko: I don't know the details, but I have an intuition for the value of things.

Okitegami Kyōko: Painting size is represented by a number. If the artist isn't well-known, the painting will be valued according to the size.

Okitegami Kyōko: But it's important to dress appropriately for a first meeting. First impressions and prejudices influence subjectivity. It's best to look off guard.

Okitegami Kyōko: When looking at the same thing, different people notice aspects that other people miss. If you pay attention to the details, you sometimes miss seeing the whole.

Wakui Kazuhisa: Integrating the frame and the painting is an art. For the sake of each painting, a framer will create an entirely unique frame. A frame can make or break a painting. If it compliments a painting, the frame can add depth and breadth.

Okitegami Kyōko: I don't know how I appear in your eyes, but that's just your subjectivity. I may not be how I appear to you.

Kakushidate Yakusuke: First impressions influence image.

Episode 04

Kakushidate Yakusuke: I wonder if talent is a happy thing to have. For people to say you have talent demands continued effort to maintain. In other words, a genius must work many times harder than an ordinary person, even at the expense of ordinary everyday happiness.

Wakui Kazuhisa: Talent needs the right environment to polish it.

Okitegami Kyōko: What is he guarding, and what is he protecting?

Okitegami Kyōko: It's better to have choices in life.
Okitegami Kyōko: Someone with artistic talent doesn't have to be an artist.

Okitegami Kyōko: Even if you have a talent for something, you don't need to follow that path. But there are poeple who can only take that path.

Episode 05

Kakushidate Yakusuke: Look for what isn't there, not what is.

Okitegami Kyōko: Memory is a strange thing. As you acquire more knowledge, you put more into it but you also lose things from it.

Episode 06

Okitegami Kyōko: There are people who are embarrassed and concerned how their hobbies and preferences might influence people's view of them. (They don't want people to know their tastes.)

Okitegami Kyōko: Humans have an inherent desire for survival.

Kakushidate Yakusuke: Living is an embarrassing thing. It's possible that somewhere there's a person who lives flawlessly, but I don't know anyone like that. I'm not like that. I struggle with confusion, and live in a way that seems ridiculous. Everyday I have feelings of self-hate. But I'm here. I'm alive... It's ugly, and embarrassing, but we live on with the memories we wish we could lose.

Episode 07

Kakushidate Yakusuke: Relationships are born naturally from interactions between people. Relationships change rapidly, especially those between men and women.

Okitegami Kyōko: It's far more difficult to prove something didn't happen than that it did.

Episode 08

Okitegami Kyōko: The key point in this case is, why was it done in an enclosed space? Why was it done out of sight? ... Generally, if you choose to do something out of sight, it's because you want to hide it.

Okitegami Kyōko: The key is Occam's razor...
Kakushidate Yakusuke: He was a 14th century philosopher. Put simply, Occam's razor strips away unnecessary complications.

Okitegami Kyōko: Why does a culprit create an enclosed space? To hide something, to hide the truth.

Episode 09

Kakushidate Yakusuke: But in this world, there are things best left unknown, and things you lose if you know of them. When uncovered, the truth isn't necessarily pleasant. In our foolishness, we don't always notice things until the moment we lose them.

Kizunai Horo: Listen, if you learn why it's there, what will you do?

Okitegami Kyōko: "A circle and square argue. An inverted triangle is over-familiar. If it's a straight line, it comes close."

Sawano Shinji, also known as Yuinōzaka ?: But who decides what's good and what's evil?
Sawano Shinji, also known as Yuinōzaka ?: As the eras change, the world also changes. So does the judgment of good and evil... The criteria humans establish have that little worth.

Okitegami Kyōko: Isn't this about squaring the circle? ... Drawing a circle and square with the same area using only a compass and ruler. It's one of Greece's three major conundrums.

Okitegami Kyōko: Codes are used to hide something you actually want to convey.

Episode 10

Kakushidate Yakusuke: Cherish your every today.

Kizunai Horo: There's no use thinking about something that's gone.