14 December 2015

掟上今日子の備忘録 Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku

Title: 掟上今日子の備忘録 Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku
English Title:
  • Okitegami Kyōko's Memorandum
  • Okitegami Kyōko's Notebook
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 10
  • 新垣結衣 Aragaki Yui
  • 岡田将生 Okada Masaki
  • 及川光博 Oikawa Mitsuhiro
  • 有岡大貴 Arioka Daiki
  • 内田理央 Uchida Rio

Goodbye holiday - 溢れるもの [Full of Things]
Okitegami Kyōko forgets everything that has happened due to an unfortunate incident. When there is something important that she must remember, she writes memos on her body using a marker.

Kyōko works as a private detective but because her memory resets when she sleeps, she has to solve the cases within the day. She only accepts payment in cash, although she only gets paid when she's solved the case.

西野カナ Nishino Kana - No. 1
Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku is an interesting drama about a detective who had to solve cases within the day because her memory resets when she sleeps. Okitegami Kyōko has a strange medical condition and unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that she'll ever recover from her illness.

She forgets everything, and so she has decided on the few things that she truly needs in life such as a comfortable house to stay in, delicious food to eat, and money to cover her living expenses.

Kyōko doesn't want to maintain a serious relationship with someone since she'll forget his existence and their relationship on a daily basis anyway. Although intimate relationships are usually necessary in life, I'd probably also find having a significant other too troublesome to deal with if I were in her situation.

掟上今日子の備忘録 Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku