17 September 2015

花咲舞が黙ってない Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai 2 Quotes

  • 花咲舞が黙ってない2 Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai 2
  • 花咲舞が黙ってない2 Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai 2
English Title:
  • Hanasaki Mai Is Not Silent 2
  • Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out 2

Episode 01: The Speech Has Returned! Intense Heroine, Revived!!

Episode 02: Feeling of Love!! The hidden evil within branch manager's withdrawal loan

Sōma Ken: It's just a kind of experience.
Hanasaki Mai: Avoiding a worst-case scenario is also important, right?
Sōma Ken: Avoiding a worst-case scenario is also important, right?
Hanasaki Mai: It's just a kind of experience.

Episode 03: Female banker fall into a love trap!! Three millions disappear behind the window

Episode 04

Episode 05

Ishihara Yumi: I couldn't do anything either, when Sōma Ken had the worst of it. Perhaps just staying quietly next to him would have been good enough.

Hanasaki Kozo: Indeed, having things to fight for makes women strong, but with men, it sometimes makes them weaker.

Episode 06

Episode 07

Matsuki Keisuke: I used to think that an incident like this means the end for a banker, but that's not really the case, right?
Matsuki Keisuke: Wherever I am, there is something that I can surely do. If I don't give up, I will surely find a way.

Episode 08

Episode 09

Hanasaki Mai: It is often said that "the clues are out at the scene of the crime," right?

Nishihara Kasumi: Mai, you may not know this but when a person's in love, there is no 'why'.

Nishihara Kasumi: I told him I wished for nothing, yet I was going to try and get everything.

Episode 10

Kuga Yasuhiko: "Banks lend you an umbrella on sunny days, and take it away on rainy days." There's a reason for that saying, isn't there?

Episode 11