11 September 2015

エイジハラスメント Age Harassment

Title: エイジハラスメント Eiji Harasumento (Age Harassment)
English Title: Age Harassment
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 9
  • 武井咲 Takei Emi
  • 稲森いずみ Inamori Izumi
  • 瀬戸康史 Seto Koji
  • 要潤 Kaname Jun
  • 大倉孝二 Okura Koji
  • 内藤理沙 Naito Risa
  • 原幹恵 Hara Mikie
  • 杉本哲太 Sugimoto Tetta
  • 吹越満 Fukikoshi Mitsuru
  • 浅野和之 Asano Kazuyuki
  • 麻生祐未 Aso Yumi
  • 竹中直人 Takenaka Naoto
  • 風間杜夫 Kazama Morio
  • 小泉孝太郎 Koizumi Kotaro

Yoshī Emiri is a new employee at Teito Trading Company. She wanted to work in the Textile Division, but she was assigned in the General Affairs Division. Emiri has to do everything and anything as a General Affairs staff member, from unclogging toilets to looking for lost things to catching insects that get inside the office.

Emiri has a difficult time at work where she has to contend with colleagues and superiors who harass her because she's female, young, and inexperienced. She tries to cope with the situation as best as she can, but Emiri at times can't stay silent...

Age Harassment is an interesting drama about all kinds of harassment that one may encounter in society in general and in a professional setting in particular. The drama talks about sexual harassment, power harassment, age harassment, moral harassment, etc.

Age harassment is aggressive pressure or intimidation brought about by one's age. It can be somewhat subtle, such as when newbies in the workplace are ridiculed for being young and for not knowing anything. It can also be very overt, such as when older colleagues are derided for not being technologically adept and for being behind the times.

I think most people who work should consider watching this drama, especially working women whatever their age. They can see how the characters encounter harassment in the workplace, and they can see how these characters react given the situation.

エイジハラスメント Age Harassment