11 September 2015

エイジハラスメント Age Harassment Quotes

Title: エイジハラスメント Eiji Harasumento (Age Harassment)
English Title: Age Harassment

Episode 01

Osawa Yuriko: You're young so it can't be helped but remember this, you should look around and think about the things you see.
Osawa Yuriko: One of the principles of the General Affairs department is sensitivity. Being aware of your position in the group, that's an important task.

Osawa Yuriko: Newbies first do what they're told. Then, you'll get higher in the ranks.

Asano Makoto: You don't ask women in their thirties if they have someone. You don't.

Yoshī Emiri: I thought I should do as I am told.

Osawa Yuriko: Stop blabbing about taking or trying.

Osawa Yuriko: I told you, didn't I? Serving tea is also a very important job.
Yoshī Emiri: ... If it's that important, why don't you do it yourself?

Yoshī Emiri: Don't tell me what to do when you're doing nothing!

Yoshī Emiri: Talk later, apologize later, approve later, think about it later... You keep putting things off, it's all just an act!

Episode 02

Osawa Yuriko: You absolutely mustn't decide on important things in the spur of the moment... Don't make a decision while angry.

Asano Makoto: Kids made it clear, didn't they? Aunties and sisters were confirmed in a moment, huh?!

Ikura Masao: I the company, those with abilities may become frustrated. It's not just what you know but who you know that advances you up the corporate ladder. It all comes down to luck, nothing can be done about it.

Ikura Masao: People gain from just being alive.

Nakazato Keiko: Please tell me, I'll correct myself. What's not right about me? ... I'll fix it. What is it?

Nakazato Keiko: I, for one, always thought there's something wrong about you. I thought how I don't want to get older like you did.

Nakazato Keiko: Just as you are, huh? Seriously lacking women are all middle-aged, 'all natural', and lazy. Not thinking about clothes, or fitness, visible hairline, double chin, fat belly. "I like natural", don't give me that crap! That's laziness; the most lacking grandma.

Abe Maria: Lacking woman don't hide her age; she doesn't hide it because she's extremely confident that you can't tell... She is so confident, she tries to make herself look younger. That's lacking.

Hoshina Akihiko: Women without husbands and households, the ones who do their best to be pretty only for themselves are the ones lacking the most.

Takayama Tetsutaro: You didn't do anything, I get it, but the accusation is your fault too.

Takayama Tetsutaro: It's hard to hear you're 'lacking'. People trying to look younger are miserable.
Ikawa Yu: That's why there's an issue. You won't say it directly. You can't say directly they're lacking something.

Sada Koichi: When it's clearly obvious you distinguish yourself from others, it's lacking.
Takayama Tetsutaro: But in the end you're not that different from others? That's just pitiful.

Ikawa Yu: I discovered when the lack caused by the age is visible... You know the type of mask you'd wear when having a cold? When you can't see the wrinkles around the eyes in an adult woman, she's trying too hard.
Sada Koichi: When that happens, it's the end.

Sada Koichi: Being in an affair, I don't think women start it.

Hiramoto Daisuke: I don't like to be scolded by a woman. Sorry!
Asano Makoto: But, isn't it true? Isn't being scolded by a superior woman worse than being scolded by a male subordinate?
Ikawa Yu: Because the effort and confidence can be seen.

Episode 03

Episode 04

Oda Midori: There is one thing that I will always ask from you, that is to work to earn your salary. You are obligated to work equal to the pay you receive...
Oda Midori: To put it another way, no matter if it is a black cat or a white cat, a good cat is the one that catches the mouse.

Episode 05

Hoshina Akihiko: My dad taught me to go to sushi places when things go wrong... No Japanese person wouldn't feel better after eating sushi, so think after you eat.

Osawa Yuriko: When you're sad, you meet with the person you love, eat sushi, and then, you think everything through.

Hiramoto Daisuke: It's good to have a place you can go to.

Ikura Masao: You're reminded of the power of organization. If someone's absent, they assign someone else.

Gondo Susumu: In the organization, people have responsibilities on different levels of management.

Episode 06

Hoshina Akihiko: Company employees who work too long are inefficient. Managers who make them work too long are also inefficient.

Sada Koichi: Even though we're peers, our lives are quite different.

Sada Koichi: Working overtime without a good reason is bad!

Hoshina Akihiko: Working long hours is counterproductive. Employees doing overtime is wasteful.

Osawa Yuriko: If you postpone the things you want to do. how will you feel about your life in the future?

Ikura Masao: No, neither your work or your home is the right choice. Either of them will immediately get in the way of the other. So wouldn't it be best to just choose the one you love more?

Asano Makoto: Because everyone knows when you work, you get paid, right?
Osawa Yuriko: Wages are paid as compensation for labor. Depending on the money you receive you have to work an appropriate amount right?

Episode 07

Sada Koichi: But you know, it's hard to understand people's goals, and because we don't know, it's interesting.

Ikawa Yu: In this day and age, if you make an enemy of a woman, you won't be able to do your job. You need to say what they like to hear.

Takayama Tetsutaro: The more you age, the more you don't like relying on younger people to do work and try to carry the burden all by yourself.

Hoshina Akihiko: I want to buy it for you but I don't give women presents that will leave a trail.

Yoshī Emiri: Harassment is the same as causing an injury. Hurting someone's heart or their pride, is the same as causing an injury.

Episode 08

Yoshī Emiri: Now I wish I had an encounter like that...
Noda Mika: You can take the initiative, you know. Marriage is a woman's ultimate goal.

Gondo Susumi: Higher positions require attending events as couples, aren't you worried about that?

Ikawa Yu: It doesn't matter anyway, does it? They say it was in the past.

Nakazato Keiko: Well, you reap what you sow...

Abe Maria: A woman who's been shamed will forgive the other.

Yoshī Emiri: I'm saying this excessive society we live in is ridiculous. Everything is about being politically correct nowadays; not so in the past. Society once lacked attentiveness, but today it is excessively attentive.Just like lacking compassion, an excess of it is also a nuisance!

Episode 09

Yoshī Emiri: In China, a beautiful and strong career woman is called a warrior. It's a much cooler term than 'career woman'.

Osawa YUriko: Men and women are equal. We both work for a living, both for our families and for ourselves. So why do you keep attaching the word 'shining' to women only?
Yoshī Emiri: Aren't you looking down on us? It's our decision whether we want to be like that or not. It's none of your business! Please stay out of it!