23 August 2015

오 나의 귀신님 Oh My Ghost Quotes

Title: 오 나의 귀신님 O Naui Gwisinnim
English Title:
  • Oh My Ghost
  • Oh My Ghostess

Episode 01

Kang Sun Woo: Whether you did or didn't do something wrong, you're always sorry, you're always at fault, you're always wrong. That attitude, that's not even being nice. You don't even know that the way you behave makes other people around you look bad.

Na Bong Sun: Wanting to do something and being able to do it are different.

Episode 02

Kang Eun Hee: She didn't leave because she wanted to. Wasn't she half-pushed out the door?
Kang Sun Woo, also known as Chef: Whatever the case, this could be what's best for her life.
Kang Eun Hee: No, I don't believe that. If you push people out before they're ready, weak people like Bong Sun and I cannot survive.

Shin Soon Ae as Na Bong Sun: That's why whether you're a person or a ghost, split-second decisions matter so much.

Episode 03

Kang Sun Woo, also known as Chef: The reason why love is sad isn't because two people are wrong for each other. It's because the timing is not quite right. And once you miss the timing, you can't turn things back. That's just the the way it is.

Shin Soon Ae as Na Bong Sun: You're born once and then you die. You should do everything you want and you should use everything you want.

Episode 04

Shin Soon Ae as Na Bong Sun: Whether you're a human or a ghost, you have to make use of your opportunities.

Episode 05

Episode 06

Kang Sun Woo: So Hyung, I'm not the one being sensitive. No, you gys are the ones being insensitive.

Shin Soon Ae as Na Bong Sun: In this day and age, who is really free of mental illness?

Shin Soon Ae as Na Bong Sun: My point is that we should all try to live happily. After I live out my life, that's what I can say. Life can be shorter than expected. So what I'm saying is, every single day is very scarily valuable.

Shin Soon Ae as Na Bong Sun: The one who forgives can sleep in peace, but not the one who needs to be forgiven.

Shin Myung Ho: People sure are foolish. They regret once everything's passed and it's too late.

Episode 07

Shin Soon Ae: Something that is so easy for others... why is it so hard for me?

Episode 08

Episode 09

Na Bong Soon: But I just can't believe it. I keep wondering if it's a dream, and I worry that it's not a dream. At least if it's a dream, I can wake up and I won't get hurt.

Kang Eun Hee: You told me then that it's not up to us to decide whether we live or die.

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Choi Sung Jae: Choosing to live or die when we want to, humans don't have that kind of right. Live, even if you want to die. Since you're not dead, you should live your life.

Na Bong Soon: Anyway, it will all pass, whether good things or sad things.

Episode 15

Episode 16