23 August 2015

오 나의 귀신님 Oh My Ghost

Title: 오 나의 귀신님 O Naui Gwisinnim
English Title:
  • Oh My Ghost
  • Oh My Ghostess
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2015
Episode: 16
  • 박보영 Park Bo Young
  • 조정석 Jo Jung Seok
  • 김슬기 Kim Seul Gi
  • 임주환 Im Joo Hwan
  • 박정아 Park Jung Ah
  • 신혜선 Shin Hye Sun
  • 곽시양 Kwak Shi Yang
  • 강기영 Kang Ki Young
  • 최민철 Choi Min Chul
  • 오의식 Oh Ui Shik
  • 이대연 Lee Dae Yeon
  • 이학주 Lee Hak Joo

박보영 Park Bo Young - 떠난다 Tteonanda (Leave)
Shin Soon Ae is a virgin ghost who roams the earth for around almost three years. She has no recollection of her death, but she thinks her unfinished business is dying young without any sexual experience.

Soon Ae possesses young women so that she can seduce guys in order to resolve her issue in this world and move on. Her antics anger the gods in heaven, and a real shaman is chasing Soon Ae to stop her from possessing people.

While on the run from the shaman, Soon Ae possesses a young woman who fell asleep while waiting at a bus stop. Na Bong Soon works as an assistant cook at the popular Sun Restaurant owned by celebrity chef Kang Sun Woo.

Oh My Ghost is an entertaining drama about ghosts and evil spirits, not to mention cooking professionally and running a restaurant. It has a convoluted plot with fantastical elements, but it was still an easy watch because it is grounded in human relations and heartfelt emotions.

I was a little confused and somewhat unsatisfied by Oh My Ghost as whole, and it's mainly because I had made wrong assumptions about the lead characters. Park Bo Young is the lead actress but it's because she is essentially playing two characters, and it's not because her character Na Bong Soon is the star of the drama.

I should have known that this would basically be Shin Soon Ae's story considering that the title refers to the ghost. Anyway, I just think that if you're aware of this fact prior to watching the drama, you won't question why Bong Soon (specifically her consciousness) is severely lacking in screen time.

Oh My Ghost had a lengthy introduction, most of it redundant and wholly unnecessary. The first few episodes were fun to watch because of all the shenanigans Soon Ae got into while she's in Bong Soon's body but after the first couple of episodes, you start to wonder why Soon Ae is not concerned about how and why she died considering that she couldn't remember.

It was unfortunate that the drama's pacing was so terrible, because it then had to breeze through the resolution parts in the end. Since I went into the drama for Bong Soon, I don't like that her scenes were seemingly on fast forward mode.

오 나의 귀신님 Oh My Ghost