11 June 2015

戦う!書店ガール Tatakau! Shoten Girl Quotes

Title: 戦う!書店ガール Tatakau! Shoten Gāru (Girl)
English Title: Fight! Bookstore Girl

Episode 01: The two strongest book lovers, clash!!

Mita Takahiko: I see it as a chance... A chance to get to learn something that I don't know. A chance to broaden my knowledge. A chance to become a professional bookstore worker.

Nishioka Riko: For the same book, there are readers who will give it five stars but there are also those who will rate it negatively. Even if two people read the same book, what they feel and what they get from it will be different depending on their circumstances.

Nishioka Riko: You must use more consideration when requesting things... Shouldn't you take into account how everyone else will feel? It is necessary to have consideration, is what I'm saying.

Mita Takahiko: Whatever happens, you keep trying your best. You change things and keep smiling. You consider as much as possible how you can make things go well.

Episode 02: I won't give up! In love, in work... 40-something woman, counter-attack!

Kitamura Aki: I've been thinking about various things...
Nishioka Riko: Thinking? What about?
Kitamura Aki: About making selections. When you put out new books, you have to replace the old books, right? You have to think about which to choose. You think, 'Am I really happy with this?'

Ozaki Shiho: You know, the key to his house is also the key to his heart, so you need to seriously ask for one.

Ozaki Shiho: Even so, before you're going out and after you're going out are different.

Nishioka Riko: I don't want to be thought of as being pushy.
Ozaki Shiho: I get that, but you have to say things clearly. It's important to consider your partner, but it's your own life. If you're not straightforward to the extent that you think you may be insensitive, you'll just become a convenient woman.

Ozaki Shiho: No, no, no. I understand your feelings, but let's take a step forward from here. Don't waste time by standing still. You don't need to narrow things down from the beginning. Go forward with a broad target and a high standard.

Episode 03: Spiral of Like and dislike! Aki and Riko attack, trap!!

Mita Takahiko: For me, if she is happy (even with someone else)...
Kitamura Aki: That's not true. If you really think that, then you don't like her that much.

Episode 04: Pride that should be protected... Aki and Riko take on the responsibility!!

Obata Nobumitsu: Look, you might think you can do anything at work, but charging head on isn't really good. What I'm saying is that things like the relationship between people and borrowing the strength of others are also important.

Nishioka Riko: I don't mind you being stubborn, but if you say you can do something and then you can't, that's not really acceptable as a working adult.

Hagiwara Mami: Books can be bought for a few hundred yen, or even a few thousand yen for the expensive ones. Books are amazing to be able to have an effect on someone's life or way of thinking for that amount of money.

Episode 05: New love, job, and reality, weighing on the women

Episode 06: Shop closure decided!! Division crisis!! The strongest two decided. Determination.

Yatabe Jirō: In that case, what should everyone do to obtain the stability that they want? All they can do is build up their own strength; the strength to be able to live wherever they go.

Kitamura Aki: What, then?! What is it that you're saying is unreasonable? What's wrong with having idealistic thoughts? Aren't people able to do their best because there is an ideal?

Kitamura Aki: The truth is, you don't want to give up, do you? If that's the case, then shouldn't you fight instead of giving up? Shouldn't you fight until the end? Persevere, persevere, persevere! Say, 'even though it seems this way...' or something.

Nishioka Tatsuto: If I die, it's over. But I'm alive, so I'm not going to give up. I'm going to fight with everything I have.

Episode 07: Declaration of war!! Standing in front of the two, the worst terms.

Mita Takahiko: (Witticism) "Anyway, I think all the time. I think, and think, and think it out. And then, at a certain time, it appears with a pop."

Episode 08: A missed thought... A future Aki should grasp.

Nishioka Riko: There is just one thing you can do... Living your life turning what seems like negative things into positive ones. Making a future where, when you look back, you can think, 'I'm glad I took that path.'

Episode 09: Store closure? Continuation? A moment of fate that surrounds the two.