16 March 2015

学校のカイダン Gakkō no Kaidan

Title: 学校のカイダン Gakkō no Kaidan
English Title: Stairs of the School
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 10
  • 広瀬すず Hirose Suzu
  • 神木隆之介 Kamiki Ryunosuke
  • 間宮祥太朗 Mamiya Shotaro
  • 石橋杏奈 Ishibashi Anna
  • 吉倉あおい Yoshikura Aoi
  • 杉咲花 Sugisaki Hana
  • 飯豊まりえ Iitoyo Marie
  • 白洲迅 Hinata Takuto
  • 白洲迅 Shirasu Jin
  • 須賀健太 Suga Kenta
  • 清水くるみ Shimizu Kurumi
  • 浅野温子 Asano Atsuko
  • 生瀬勝久 Namase Katsuhisa
  • 野波麻帆 Nonami Maho
  • 金子ノブアキ Kaneko Nobuaki
  • 金山一彦 Kanayama Kazuhiko
  • 泉谷しげる Izumiya Shigeru

Haruna Tsubame's old high school closed down, and she got in through special admissions to the prestigious Meidan Academy.

Meidan Academy is informally ruled by the Platinum Group composed of four male students and four female students from illustrious families that make huge donations to the school.

The Platinum Group has lobbied to make Tsubame the new student council president, an empty post that is given to the student with the lowest standing in the whole school in terms of power.

Unwilling to continue dealing with the unfairness she sees at her high school, Tsubame is encouraged to take a stand by someone who calls himself Shizukui Kei, a stranger who volunteered to help her change the status quo through the powers of words and speech.

Gakkō no Kaidan is an entertaining drama about the lowest of the lowest of the low Haruna Tsubame climbing her way to the top of the prestigious Meiran Academy one step at a time. It is about a timid person becoming the student council president, and learning to use the power of words and speech to change the people around her.

This is essentially a one-woman show, with Tsubame being extensively helped by a stranger who introduced himself as Shizukui Kei but who is actually Isezaki Tōru, a former student at Meiran Academy and also a former student council president.

Gakkō no Kaidan could have been an interesting school drama, except it forgot one very important component, and that is friendship and camaraderie among the youth. The characters are said to be friends but that seems to be only at face value, and there isn't really a lot of bonding moments to support that premise.

学校のカイダン Gakkō no Kaidan