16 March 2015

学校のカイダン Gakkō no Kaidan Quotes

Title 学校のカイダン Gakkō no Kaidan
English Title: Stairs of the School

Episode 01:

Episode 02: Organising the rebels

Isezaki Tōru, also known as Shizukui Kei: It can't be helped, it can't be helped... Are you a guru teaching helplessness?

Isezaki Tōru, also known as Shizukui Kei: Originally, there were no paths on the ground. If enough humans walk along, a path is formed.

Haruna Tsubame: 'Why did they do that?,' I wondered. And I learned you've all been doing your utmost; you're all working desperately to protect what's precious to you.

Haruna Tsubame: Protecting someone's freedom doesn't mean you have to lose your own!

Episode 03: Protecting the fort against enemy attack

Haruna Tsubame: 'Seriously trying is uncool'; that's an excuse we make when we do badly.
Haruna Tsubame: 'If we really try our best, what will happen if it goes badly?'; thinking like that is a way of protecting ourselves.

Haruna Tsubame: What's wrong with losing? Is it really better to only try if you're sure you can win?

Episode 04: Kicking out the rotten teacher

Tsuboi Toma: If you want to become an adult quickly, you have to live more carefully.

Haruna Tsubame: Please teach us! Even if we can't be successful, teach us how to live right! What's the best way for clumsy children like us to live?

Episode 05: Turn around the squirming, cowardly class

Episode 06: Invade the enemies' territory and defeat the Platinum Federation!

Isezaki Tōru, also known as Shizukui Kei: Yesterday's enemy is tomorrow's ally. A true tactician knows how to change their strategy to suit the tactical situation.

Sudō Natsuki: This world we live in is made up of 'haves' and 'have nots'. That disparity won't go away.

Haruna Tsubame: When you see thorns on your child's path, you carefully pick them up one by one and say, 'it's fine now'. You give them so many things, and you are glad that they can walk with freedom. Why don't you realize? To the children, what you're telling them every day is, 'you can't do anything'.

Episode 07: Fall down the stairs!

Haruna Tsubame: You have to want to be yourself. The way you are now, do you like yourself?

Isezaki Tōru, also known as Shizukui Kei: You told me before that men just want to be popular, right? Women are much more greedy. They want to be more loved than anyone else.

Haruna Tsubame: People who don't love themselves won't be loved by anyone else!

Episode 08: Clobber the teacher who lack conviction!

Isezaki Tōru, also known as Shizukui Kei: When we're children, teachers ask us what we want to be and tell us to dream. But when we reach high school and approach adulthood, they say we shouldn't daydream and we should face reality.

Kintoki Hirao: The moment you become an adult, you learn to give up. That's what you learn so you can be an adult.

Haruna Tsubame: 'It's impossible anyway' is all you ever say to us and all we ever learn. Well then, instead of telling us it's impossible, we want you to teach us how to make it possible.

Kintoki Hirao: Passion and dreams give us the power to live.

Episode 09: Use your army to crush the dictator oppressing the school!

Isezaki Tōru, also known as Shizukui Kei: What are you saying? Who in the world would be satisfied with that?
Isezaki Tōru, also known as Shizukui Kei: You may not remember the people you've stepped on, but the ones you stepped on never forget!

Episode 10: Final battle