17 December 2014

素敵な選TAXI (Suteki na Sen Taxi)

Title: 素敵な選TAXI (Suteki na Sen Taxi)
English Title:
  • Nice Choice Taxi
  • Time Taxi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 10
  • 竹野内豊 Takenouchi Yutaka
  • 南沢奈央 Minamisawa Nao
  • 升野英知 Hidetomo Masuno (BAKARYTHM)
  • 清野菜名 Seino Nana
  • 升毅 Masu Takeshi
  • デビット伊東 David Ito

Eda Wakare is the talkative and meddlesome driver of Sen Taxi, a wonderful vehicle that can take its passengers to their lives' turning points.

Eda Wakare chooses a passenger, informs him of the taxi's incredible ability to take the passenger back to a critical point in their life, and then asks the passenger when and where they want to go.

Suteki na Sen Taxi is an interesting drama about how there are significant moments in our lives where we have to make choices, and whatever choice we make then determines our future.

We have to be really careful when we make important decisions in life, because one thing always leads to another. I don't think it's true that some things don't matter, because even the most trivial things may have a great impact in one way or another. For instance, that major you chose to get in college may limit your career options in ways you never thought possible.

Anyway, people get to have an opportunity to go back at crucial times and make some changes in the drama. Of course, it won't ever happen in real life but I did wonder, what particular moments I would return to and how I want to change things if ever.

素敵な選TAXI (Suteki na Sen Taxi)