18 December 2014

きょうは会社休みます Kyō wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Quotes

Title: きょうは会社休みます Kyō wa Kaisha Yasumimasu
English Title:
  • I'm Taking the Day Off
  • I'm Taking a Break from the Company
  • I'm Taking a Break from Work

Episode 01: The first love of an aggravated woman.

Okawa Hitomi: She sounds like someone who does not dare to face the battle nor worries about improving herself, but still complains because she finds no rewards. She's just another lazy person. She won't go around to find the ideal man, what's the point with that attitude? She must be screaming for a way out of that poor little pretentious life. Do you know how people call that type of women? Arrogant! Those are arrogant women.

Tanokura Yuto: If you don't take proper distance from others, you get tired of them at some point, don't you think?

Episode 02: The love mail of an aggravated woman.

Asao Yu: You put an end to something that didn't start in the first place?

Asao Yu: Were you really that afraid of getting hurt? Instead of being afraid of getting hurt, you should be afraid of not being able to improve yourself.

Episode 03: The sleepover date of an aggravated woman.

Asao Yu: It's true what they say about how women can change because of a guy.
Aoshi Hanae: Don't you think that goes for everybody?
Asao Yu: But not everyone changes in a good way; especially when the partner is younger.

Asao Yu: For me, love is something that never changes with time, even if your partner does.
Okawa Hitomi: Wait a second. What do you mean by that?
Asao Yu: All types of love always end up in some kind of obsession, don't you think?
Asao Yu: The things women often look for in a marriage are income and stability no matter who the partner is. The things you look for should never change. Knowing that beforehand when you love someone, you can say that you're not wasting your time.

Okawa Hitomi: Do you plan to approach the woman you're interested in?
Asao Yu: There's a right timing based on the natural flow of things.
Okawa Hitomi: Well, there's a chance that perfect timing might never come up.
Asao Yu: That's not true. It's up to you.

Episode 04: An aggravated daughter and an aggravated father.

Aoshi Hanae: Why do we have to date before getting married?
Okawa Hitomi: That's because you need to get to know him first.
Aoshi Hanae: But aren't you supposed to be dating someone you'd like to marry in the first place?
Okawa Hitomi: Do you get it? Love and marriage are two separate things. You'll have a rough time until you think about it and understand that's the way it is.

Episode 05: The first love difficulties of an aggravated woman.

Episode 06: A sign for the aggravated woman please.

Asao Yu: No matter what kind of dilemma you get into, don't forget your positive feelings.

Asao Yu: You think that thoroughly explaining the situation to your boyfriend is love, right? Well, that's who you are and it's one of your good points. But other people may have a different impression sometimes; that it is being foolishly honest.

Asao Yu: Men are stubborn creatures, you know. Once we've already said something out loud, it's not so easy to retract the words.
Asao Yu: Please don't stand there and wait for him to take action. It may be better if you try to do something yourself.

Aoshi Hanae: Failure and success are just the result. Whether they fail or succeed, they have managed to get through the 'gate'. Those that can't make it through get stuck where they are, and they don't progress.

Episode 07: The aggravated woman looking for a room.

Asao Yu: Do you know why cherry blossoms are so impressive?
Aoshi Hanae: Isn't it because it is beautifully pure?
Asao Yu: It's because it can only be enjoyed once a year for a short amount of time, that's why we love them.

Episode 08:

Ōshiro So: Because you've never tried it, that's why you should try it.

Ōshiro So: If you could, throw straight to the middle of the dart board.
Aoshi Hanae: It's not possible to get it, right?
Ōshiro So: The probability is extremely low (for your first try ever). However, Hanae, unless you throw, you would not know if a miracle could happen.
Ōshiro So: No matter how unlikely it is for something to happen, when you have hope, it's possible that a miracle can happen.

Episode 09:

Episode 10:

Asao Yu: You know, someone who really forgets, they don't say, "I have already forgotten".