05 November 2014

Beauty In A Bottle

Title: Beauty In A Bottle
English Title: Beauty In A Bottle
Country: Philippines
  • English
  • Filipino
Year: 2014
  • Angelica Panganiban
  • Assunta de Rossi
  • Angeline Quinto
  • Ellen Adarna
  • Empress Schuck
  • Tom Rodriguez
  • Dimples Romana
  • Carmi Cartin
  • Nanette Inventor
  • Boboy Garovillo
  • Cai Cortez
  • Irma Adlawan
  • Ricci Chan
  • Nico Antonio
  • Miko Raval
  • Bianca Manalo
  • Anna Luna

Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi, is a senior creative director in an advertising company that has successfully come up with brilliant ad campaigns over the years. She feels threatened at work when good projects like the Beauty In A Bottle product is being preferentially given to the newly hired senior creative director Tanya Jacinto, who's about a decade younger than Vi.

Vi persuades her company to give her the Beauty In A Bottle project by coming up with the creative 'Come back to the young and beautiful you' ad campaign. Vi recommends the upcoming actress Estelle Suarez as the endorser and commercial model for the brand.

Estelle is a good actress, but she's always ridiculed by the public because of her tendency to easily gain weight. Estelle is often compared to another popular young actress Empress Schuck, which is unfortunate because these two celebrities have different body types and facial structures.

Judith Madamba sees Estelle's commercial for Beauty In A Bottle, and she puts the beauty product to the test. Judith, of average looks from a middle-class family, is willing to do whatever it takes to impress her boyfriend's family, and to convince them that she is good enough for him.

Beauty In A Bottle is an entertaining movie about women's preoccupation with beauty and youth, which includes trying to satisfy unforgiving beauty ideals, feeling insecure for not being good enough, and dealing with ageing gracefully.

Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: To age, we cannot avoid it, unfortunately. What we can do is to age gracefully.

I think the jokes go on far too long, but I agree with the sentiments. Almost everyone finds themselves in similar situations, but hopefully less embarrassing than what was presented in the movie.

Some scenarios in Beauty In A Bottle are only applicable in the Philippine setting or are particular to the Filipino culture, so it may not transcend well to others.

For instance, there are certain words that connote respect in the Filipino language, such as 'po' and 'opo'. It is normally used by younger individuals when talking to someone older. There are also specific words used to address older people such as 'ate' for an older female and 'tita' for a woman who is considerably older (as well as 'kuya' for an older male and 'tito' for a man who is considerably older).

Of course, having these specific words are not unique to the Filipino culture, as several Asian societies also have similar terms that show respect. But in the Philippines, it is often not clear if these words and terms should be used in work relationships.

Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi, is horrified when the much younger Tanya Jacinto called her 'tita' when they were introduced to each other, and Vi hastily told her that she prefers to be addressed simply by her name or nickname. But it is also important to note that there are other individuals who would be insulted if young people do not use respectful words even in the office.

Personally, I think it is possible to show respect without using such words or terms. As a general rule, I tend to not use them when interacting with other people, especially in professional settings.

However, it is necessary to observe how other people feel when you either use or don't use local words that show respect when socializing. Naturally, I would need to accommodate other people's preferences.

For another, Filipinos are very forthcoming when it comes to their opinions and observations about other people's appearance. Most Filipinos don't have any qualms about saying you are fat or you've gotten uglier to your face.

During the movie premiere, some members of the audience are loudly talking about actress Estelle Suarez' so-called triple chin and bulges. She is also cruelly compared to another actress, and Estelle is ridiculed for being uglier and fatter.

That's another thing, most Filipinos often make comparisons, and they don't have any problem with singling out someone as being the best or being the worst, even among siblings or friends.

It's terrible if you are told that you are the ugliest among your siblings or the fattest among your friends, because I think there are no appropriate response for such comments. Personally, I also think it is equally terrible if one get the compliments such as she is prettier than her sisters because although it makes you feel happy because you are beautiful, it also disheartening because your sisters are unavoidably insulted.

Another thing most Filipinos are guilty of is trying to find out other people's shortcomings or problems. Honestly, I don't know why most people do it, really.

When Judith Madamba first met her boyfriend Pocholo Miguel Vergel de Dios' sisters-in-law and she saw that they were really beautiful, she assumed that Cheska Vergel de Dios is not nice and Peaches Vergel de Dios is not smart. Unfortunately, she was proven wrong and these two ladies are not only pleasing to the eye, they are also blessed with great minds and good hearts.

Beauty In A Bottle is commendable for stressing the unfair expectations for women to be exceptionally beautiful and forever young. But I like the movie for showing some aspects of Filipino culture that, while real and common, needs further evaluation.

Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #01: Just say yes.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #03: Claim it.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #04.1: Know your product.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #10: Research!
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #15: Know your target market.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #20: Believe in yourself.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #25: Work, work, work!
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #28: Check on your competition.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #28.1: Be better than your competition.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #39: Savor your success. You deserve it!
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #46: Work, work, work!
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #68: Get a dependable product endorser.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #94: Push it.
Vilma Ledesma, also known as Vi: Step #98.1: In case of defeat, accept it gracefully and smile.

Beauty In A Bottle