25 September 2014

若者たち Wakamonotachi Quotes

Title: 若者たち Wakamonotachi
English Title:
  • All About My Siblings
  • The Siblings
  • Young People

Episode 01: A Marriage Needs No Reason

Sato Asahi: It needs no reason.

Sato Haru: "To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer" (Hamlet, Act III by Shakespeare)

Sato Haru: Saying it out loud doesn't make an impossible possible.

Shinjo Masaomi: What's important is whether you want to marry her or not. It's more important to think about the feelings toward her than talking about the pregnancy.

Episode 02: Return of the Second Son

Sawabe Asuza: He says, "my family's happiness is my happiness". I think it's nice that he can say that. So I'm envious. To him, you (his siblings) are definitely more important than me.

Sato Asahi: Infidelity is not acceptable; no one will be happy...
Sato Asahi: I don't understand. I don't want to understand, but I'm sure a world like that exists. Apparently, I have a smaller capacity than other people as I can't quite get it...
Sato Asahi: Of course, I want you to be with someone else. But I know you can't suppress the feelings that you can't control. That's why, you suffer on your own, and you find the answer on your own. If you need advice, you can talk to me whenever you want.

Sato Satoru: Labor is a sign of life.

Nagahara Kasumi: You don't apologize when you are being forced (to apologize).

Sato Haru: Speaking of an apology, I met an interesting girl. She's an acquaintance of Tadashi. The thing is, he was deceived by her so Tadashi told her to apologize to him. But she said, "You don't apologize when you're being forced." I understood that moment that even if you want the person to apologize to you, if the person doesn't want to do it, it's nothing but an act. That's what an apology means to you, Satoru.
Sato Satoru: ... That's right. If I don't mean the apology, the person wouldn't gain anything from the apology.
Sato Tadashi: No, that's wrong. Didn't you learn from Dad that you have to apologize when you do something wrong? You just interpreted it at your convenience so you could avoid doing it.
Sato Asahi: Listen, making apologies isn't what you apologize about. It's about what you want to convey... Making apologies isn't important; what's important is to show those feelings...
Sato Satoru: Conveying your feelings is just for self-satisfaction.
Sato Haru: That's wrong. What Dad told us over and over, to apologize when we did something bad, he didn't mean to admit that you were wrong. He was telling us to consider the victim's feelings, and that is definitely not for self-satisfaction...
Sato Hikari: I think it's okay to do it, even if it's for self-satisfaction...

Sato Satoru: This is my problem; you don't have anything to do with it.
Sato Haru: Of course we do. We've had many troubles because of you, Satoru. Everyone makes mistakes, that's why I'm not accusing you of your crime. But you don't realize that your family and friends are forced to be involved if you commit a crime, and I can't forgive you for that.

Sato Hikari: He says a family shares not only good things but everything.

Episode 03: Sour Secret

Sawabe ?: Anyone who can conceive can be a parent, but no one can be a perfect parent because there is no right answer to parenting. You raise a child while everything is uncertain. Do you know how hard that is?

Sato Hikari: I don't understand because I've never been a parent. I'm not sure if I will ever become one. What does a child mean to a parent?

Sato Haru: People say the moment of death tells the person's whole life.

Sato Hikari: You escaped from the reality by yourself.

Episode 04: Don't Give Up

Sato Asahi: A dream is more cruel than you think. Indeed, everyone can have a dream, but only a few can realize their dreams.
Sato Tadashi: No problem. If one doesn't work, he can find another one.
Sato Asahi: But what I'm saying is by then, that would be too late.

Sato Satoru: It doesn't matter how it starts. It's easy to start a dream or a relationship. The hard part is to continue.

Sato Hikari: It's unfortunate. Even when you are doing what you want to do, sometimes things don't go the way you want.

Sato Asahi: You are just running away. Don't blame the people around you because you can't move forward. You don't even try hard...
Sato Asahi: Although you struggle and suffer, get laughed at and humiliated... If you can't say 'this is all I've got', you can never succeed at anything.

Sato Asahi: Listen, there are many people who are forced to give up their dreams. You can pursue your dream, so you have to live up to those people. Do you know why? Because they merge their dreams with your dream.

Kikkawa Mizuki acting as Kanbayashi Michiko: Many people die to make time for us.

Episode 05: As A Parent

Sato Satoru: You know people always say, "honesty does not pay".

Episode 06: A Man and A Woman

Episode 07: About To Be Born

Episode 08: Losing Heart

Episode 09: For the Sake of Others

Sato Satoru: Anyway, you can't live for others. Those are just nice words.
Sato Satoru: What I want to say is that most people live by calculation. You lend a hand when it can also benefit you. Humans live for themselves, after all.

Episode 10: Supporting Each Other

Episode 11: The Departure