25 September 2014

若者たち Wakamonotachi

Title: 若者たち Wakamonotachi
English Title:
  • All About My Siblings
  • The Siblings
  • Young People
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 11
  • 妻夫木聡 Tsumabuki Satoshi
  • 瑛 太 Eita
  • 満島ひかり Mitsushima Hikari
  • 柄本佑 Emoto Tasuku
  • 野村周平 Nomura Shuhei
  • 蒼井優 Aoi Yu
  • 長澤まさみ Nagasawa Masami
  • 橋本愛 Hashimoto Ai
  • 吉岡秀隆 Yoshioka Hidetaka

森山直太朗 Moriyama Naotarō - 若者たち Wakamonotachi (Young People)
The Sato family is composed of five siblings, four brothers and one sister. They lost their parents when the eldest was only fifteen years old.

Eldest son Sato Asahi became the head of the family, and the parental figure in his siblings' lives when he was just a teenager. He quit high school, and he has worked in road construction ever since so he can financially support the family.

Sato Satoru is the second son, and an ex-convict. He swindled money from an old lady, and he moved back to the family house when he was released from prison.

Middle child Sato Hikari is the cherished daughter in the family. She works as a nurse in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) of the Tokyo Johoku University Hospital. She is having an affair with a married colleague who has a daughter.

Sato Haru  the fourrth son, and he is a dreamer. He writes plays, and he started a small theater group. Because he didn't choose a lucrative career, he often cannot contribute to the household expenses.

Youngest child Sato Tadashi is still a student, and is often treated like an innocent child by his older siblings. He dropped out of high school, and Haru is tutoring him so he can pass his high school equivalency test.

Lisa Loeb - Stay
Wakamonotachi is an interesting drama about a family composed of siblings at the prime of their youth. The script is nothing spectacular, but the cast of talented actors probably did the most part in conveying heartfelt emotions.

All of the Sato siblings had very complicated issues to deal with, but the one I hated the most and couldn't relate with is the cheating incidents, like Sato Hikari's affair with her colleague Shinjo Masaomi. I just hate cheating in general, and I'm afraid it's something I'm very close-minded about.

When Sato Asahi confronted the man who is having an affair with his sister, Masaomi tried to explain his actions but even I couldn't understand him. But to be honest, I don't want to understand him, and I don't want to make allowances for these kinds of mistakes.

若者たち Wakamonotachi (1966)

若者たち Wakamonotachi