14 September 2014

ラスト・ドクター Last Doctor

Title: ラスト・ドクター Rasuto Dokutā (Last Doctor)
English Title: Last Doctor
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 09
  • 寺脇康文 Terawaki Yasufumi
  • 相武紗季 Aibu Saki
  • ゆう YOU
  • 渡辺いっけい Watanabe Ikkei
  • 戸田恵子 Toda Keiko
  • マキタスポーツ Makita Supotsu (Sports)
  • 渡部秀 Watanabe Shu
  • 伊東四朗 Ito Shiro

Yoshizaki Kaoruko is training as a medical examiner at the Kanto Medical Examiner Office, and Director Yanagira Shuhei assigns medical examiner Akita Shinya as her instructor.

Kaoruko recognized Shinya because she asked him for directions earlier on her way to work. She was late because Shinya didn't inform her of the detour due to the undergoing construction in front of the Kanto Medical Examiner Office building.

Kaoruko confides to Shinya's assistant Yamashita Mieko about the incident, and she tells Kaoruko that she didn't ask the right questions. Mieko said people who work in the field of science tend to have logical personalities, and Shinya is a very extreme case. Mieko assures Kaoruko that she'll get the hang of working with Shinya eventually.

Last Doctor is an interesting drama about medical examiners who determine the cause of death of people, and consequently solve crimes in some cases.

I don't think the case that Akita Shinya and Yoshisazi Kaoruko handled the first time they had to work together was particularly fascinating. Based from what I had seen in the first episode, I supposed that the succeeding cases may be somewhat similar; more or less fine, but definitely not good enough.

I continued watching the drama though because of the compelling characters; from the overly serious Shinya who takes everything very literally, to the self-proclaimed normal Kaoruko who doesn't know how to deal with her new colleagues who have strange personalities in varying degrees.

I was most intrigued with Director Yanagira Shuhei who presents a carefree personality but who seems to be much more intelligent than he lets on. I like how he seems genuinely interested in his juniors, both in advancing in their careers and living fulfilled lives.

ラスト・ドクター Last Doctor