24 June 2014

ホワイト・ラボ White Lab Quotes

Title: ホワイト・ラボ Howaito Rabo (White Lab)
English Title: White Lab

Episode 01

Honda Masayuki: The more you look, a person will only reveal his character.
Kamiyama Keiko: You can't judge someone simply from his outer appearance.
Honda Masayuki: No. A person will surely show what he has inside.

Ichinose Satoshi: Everything is related. Every phenomenon is related to each other. That's what science is.

Episode 02

Ichinose Satoshi: Arithmetic and life are the same. Ah, you don't understand... You use your own equation to find your own answer.

Ichinose Satoshi: Plus one. From now on, you will meet many kinds of people. Minus one. You will also have to be separated from many people. You should not give up no matter what.

Episode 03

Ichinose Satoshi: Both the real thing and a fake one, to decide their differences is only a matter of trusting it or not.
Ichinose Satoshi: ... In other words, your value is decided by those who believe in you.

Episode 04

Kamiyama Keiko: I speak from my experience (as a detective).
Ichinose Satoshi: The answer can't be derived from experience only.

Ichinose Satoshi: He is innocent until he's proven guilty. If he is falsely charged, the situation can't be redeemed anymore.

Episode 05

Episode 06

Nagasawa Misa: I will withhold the answer.
Kamiyama Keiko: Why is that?
Nagasawa Misa: I'm abstaining from answering your question. I recognize that this is a voluntary police questioning, and you currently have no warrant.
Kamiyama Keiko: It is just like you said.
Nagasawa Misa: Then it is not binding legally.

Okunuki Haruka: I'm a woman. No matter how sick I am, I can't wear clothes that are wrinkled.

Episode 07

Episode 08

Episode 09

Episode 10

Takamura Sadao: So, you're suspecting me?
Ichinose Satoshi: I'm not saying that I'm not suspecting you.

Ichinose Satoshi: It's impossible... But at the same time, you can't prove that you didn't do it.

Episode 11