24 June 2014

ホワイト・ラボ White Lab

Title: ホワイト・ラボ Howaito Rabo (White Lab)
English Title: White Lab
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 11
  • 北村一輝 Kitamura Kazuki
  • 谷原章介 Tanihara Shosuke
  • 宮迫博之 Miyasako Hiroyuki
  • 薮宏太 Yabu Kōta
  • 和久井映見 Wakui Emi
  • 大杉漣 Osugi Ren

White Lab is a special forensic investigation unit of the metropolitan police department. It is composed of detectives with various scientific backgrounds and different areas of expertise.

Ichinose Satoshi is passionate about the sciences, and he is determined to find answers to all questions. He is extremely intelligent, with a seemingly eidetic memory.

Honda Masayuki interviews witnesses and possible suspects. His keen observation skills and extensive knowledge in social sciences help in revealing people's real character.

Okunuki Toru gathers evidence from the crime scene. It doesn't matter if it is dangerous or if it seems impossible, he will get the job done.

Yamane Takehiko is in charge of cyber crime. He never leaves the team's headquarters, and he is in charge of organizing and analyzing the data.

Kamiyama Keiko is a senior police officer, and she has been recently assigned to lead the White Lab unit.

White Lab is an interesting drama about investigating criminal cases using science and technology. The White Lab special forensic investigation unit of the metropolitan police department is composed of scientists, except for the newly assigned boss who hates science.

The drama has entertaining characters, from genius Ichinose Satoshi who looks like a perpetual college student to the sophisticated gentleman Honda Masayuki who can read people's expressions.

I think it's great that the team work well together but they aren't very close with each other. It isn't always the case that colleagues become friends, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't like each other or that they cannot be loyal to one another professionally.

The drama shows the rigorous application of science and technology to solve criminal cases. Although it seems impressive, it doesn't seem practical. I mean, it can be very expensive to conduct DNA testing for all the homeless people in one town just to find one criminal.

ホワイト・ラボ White Lab