15 May 2014

悪夢ちゃん Akumu-chan the Movie

Title: 悪夢ちゃん Akumu-chan The  夢ovie
English Title: Little Nightmare The Movie
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
  • 北川景子 Kitagawa Keiko
  • ガクト Gakuto (Gackt)
  • 優香 Yuka
  • 木村真那月 Kimura Manatsu
  • 小日向文世 Kohinata Fumiyo
  • マリウス葉 Marius Yo
  • 和田正人 Wada Masato
  • 佐藤隆太 Sato Ryuta
  • 六角精児 Rokkaku Seiji
  • 本上まなみ Honjo Manami
  • 藤村志保 Fujimura Shiho
  • 田中哲司 Tanaka Tetsushi
  • キムラ緑子 Kimura Midoriko
  • 阿南健治 Anan Kenji
  • 濱田マリ Hamada Mari
  • 岡田圭右 Okada Keisuke
  • 川村陽介 Kawamura Keisuke

Mutoi Ayami is a seemingly perfect grade school teacher that is well-liked by students and admired by her colleagues. However, Ayami is only pretending to be someone she's not as she is the complete opposite of her image.

A few months ago, a new student named Kotō Yuiko transfers into Ayami's class. Yuiko lives with her grandfather Kotō Bannosuke, who is a college research professor. Yuiko's grandfather has been teaching Yuiko and feels that making her attend school will decrease her learning ability, but Yuiko needs to learn how to live and socialize with other people.

Yuiko has dreams, or rather nightmares, about seemingly random people who she later encounters in real life. Yuiko thinks her nightmares are somewhat predictions of what will happen in the future and she asks her homeroom teacher Ayami to help her prevent her nightmares from becoming a reality.

There's a new transfer student named Shibui Kanji who joined Ayami's class. Soon, everyone in Ayami's class started talking about how they have seen Kanji in their dreams.

Akumu-chan is an extraordinary drama about dreams and nightmares, and the possibility of dreams and nightmares actually happening in the real world. I don't really know what to make of the fantastical aspects of this production; it's not really something that is easy to explain or to make other people understand.

Akumu-chan the Movie talks about how people can change their future. Although we cannot really change some aspects of our lives, we do have control over how we will perceive whatever situation we find ourselves in, and we can choose how we can react in that situation,

?: It's okay. Such an ominous future is just something you need to change yourself!
?: "A dream is just a dream", that's what the teacher told us, right?!
?: The gods have given you a chance to endeavor!

?: You can't change the dream, but you can change reality, right?!

Koizumi ?: No matter what the nightmare, never give up. And we've decided that you, yourself, should be the one to change your future.

Koizumi ?: Does that mean we are also responsible?
Mutoi Ayami: In order to decide that, you must figure it out for yourself.
Koizumi ?: I believe that I didn't do anything wrong…
Mutoi Ayami: Why do you think that?
Koizumi ?: Because I wasn’t planning on doing anything bad.
Mutoi Ayami: Even if you didn't have any ill intention, no matter what happened in the end, does that mean you still aren't responsible?
Koizumi ?: We also delivered good results.
?: That's right! Does all of our hard work get erased based on the end result?
?: If that's the case, then we don't have to work hard at anything, right?!
?: That's right. If we don't work hard, then we won't get disappointed.
Mutoi Ayami: Then, why did everyone work so hard?
Mutoi Ayami: Without thinking of the other person's feelings, while you stay at a safe distance, asserting kindness onto the other person isn't changing the future, it's the act of trying to change the person themselves! It's violence; it's called the desire to dominate! By controlling people, it's as if you're submerged in a sense of superiority. Selfishly thinking about things, you're just abiding by your own desires.

悪夢ちゃん Akumu-chan (2012)
悪夢ちゃん Akumu-chan (2014)

悪夢ちゃん Akumu-chan