05 May 2014

쓰리데이즈 3 Days

Title: 쓰리데이즈 Sseuri Deijeu
English Title:
  • 3 Days
  • Three Days
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 16
  • 박유천 Park Yoo Chun (믹키유천 Micky Yoo Chun)
  • 손현주 Son Hyun Joo
  • 박하선 Park Ha Sun
  • 소이현 So Yi Hyun
  • 최원영 Choi Won Young
  • 윤제문 Yoon Je Moon
  • 장현성 Jang Hyun Sung

Han Tae Kyung is part of the Secret Service and he works as a bodyguard for South Korea's president Lee Dong Hwi. Tae Kyung had to report for a work assignment even when his father was severely injured in a traffic incident. Due to his concern for his father's serious condition, he was distracted and he performed poorly while on the job. Tae Kyung is put on probation and he had to surrender his badge for the time being.

Traffic officer Yoon Bo Won was the first to arrive at a traffic incident site and she tries to comfort the distressed driver who keeps talking about the documents and an envelope. She is concerned that the incident is dismissed immediately as a traffic accident without any further investigation. When the driver later dies, Bo Won attends the funeral and asks his son Tae Kyung if an envelope is included in his father's remaining possessions.

Tae Kyung's curiosity is piqued when Bo Won asks pointed questions about his father, especially when he realizes that she suspects his father may have been murdered. As he conducts his own investigation, Tae Kyung discovers an assassination plot for the president.

I think the drama 3 Days has a screenplay more appropriate for a movie, and I can just imagine how much better it would be if the production's duration is around two hours long: non-stop action and suspense as it should be.

Anyway, the list of things I'm dissatisfied with the drama is much longer than the list of things I actually like, so it's probably better off to start with the shorter list.

I like the lead characters; straitlaced bodyguard Han Tae Kyung undergoing an existential crisis and coming out of the ordeal a better person, spunky and levelheaded Yoon Bo Won who is always ready to fight for what's right, the country's president Lee Dong Hwi who is determined to protect the interests of his people, and intelligent Lee Cha Young who is courageous enough to deal with dangerous situations firsthand.

On to the longer list...

I would have preferred that the characters all worked together in order to defeat the evil mastermind, but I'm fine if they would just communicate with each other about their plans early enough. I mean, wouldn't it be much better for everyone involved on the good side to be aware of what's going to happen ahead of time in order to plan how to react accordingly with some time to spare?

I would also appreciate if there's more romance between Tae Kyung and Bo Won, instead of just dancing around the notion. I mean, it's not particularly necessary but if the production is going to make endless repetitions anyway, then why not spend a few minutes developing a romantic story on the side?

I don't get the drama's title because it primed audiences to think the duration will be three days when it was actually nine days. I mean, why not name the drama nine days instead to be accurate? What was the point of dividing the duration into three stages, with each stage having three days?

I hate the seemingly endless repetitions of Tae Kyung being framed by the bad guys, the president's life being threatened, and Tae Kyung running against time to save the president. Although certain details change, the same thing happens over and over again if you remove all the trappings.

It's difficult to get invested in whatever happens the nth time because it already happened in this drama, and you already know how things actually turned out the first time and the second time, etc.

쓰리데이즈 3 Days