08 April 2014

감격시대:투신의 탄생 Inspiring Generation

Title: 감격시대:투신의 탄생 Gamgyeog Sidae: Tooshinui Tansaeng
English Title:
  • Age of Feelings
  • Generation of Youth
  • Inspiring Age
  • Inspiring Era
  • Inspiring Generation
  • Inspiring Generation: The Birth of the God of Battle
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 24
  • 김현중 Kim Hyun Joong
  • 임수향 Im Soo Hyang
  • 진세연 Jin Se Yeon
  • 김재욱 Kim Jae Wook
  • 곽동연 Kwak Dong Yeon
  • 주다영 Joo Da Young
  • 최지우 Choi Ji Woo (지우 Ji Woo)
  • 김갑수 Kim Gab Soo
  • 조동혁 Jo Dong Hyuk
  • 윤현민 Yoon Hyun Min
  • 최재성 Choi Jae Sung
  • 이지우 Lee Ji Woo
  • 양익준 Yang Ik Joon
  • 조달환 Jo Dal Hwan
  • 지승현 Ji Seung Hyun
  • 누엘 Noo El
  • 신은정 Shin Eun Jung
  • 이초희 Lee Cho Hee
  • 김민하 Kim Min Ha
  • 배누리 Bae Noo Ri

Shin Jung Tae is a great fighter and he seems to have gotten his great fighting skills from his father, the legendary fighter Shin Young Chul. Jung Tae takes care of his sickly younger sister Shin Chung Ah, and he resents his father for leaving them to fend for themselves.

Kim Ok Ryun is in love with Jung Tae since she was young. Unfortunately, Jung Tae only treats her like a close friend, and it seems that he is smitten with some other girl.

Kaya is the daughter of a Korean man and a Japanese woman. When Kaya finds her father's dead body, Jung Tae's father is within the vicinity and she assumes that her father was killed by Jung Tae's father. Kaya vows revenge against Jung Tae and his father.

Kaya meets with her relatives from her mother's side and she finds out that her mother was also murdered. She undergoes extensive training in a short period of time, and she intends to avenge her parents' wrongful deaths.


감격시대:투신의 탄생 Inspiring Generation