16 March 2014

戦力外捜査官 Senryokugai Sōsakan Quotes

Title: 戦力外捜査官 Senryokugai Sōsakan
English Title:
  • Detective Out of the Force
  • Out of Force Investigator
  • The Easygoing Police

Episode 01

Umizuki Chinami: Reasoning skills are important.

Shitara Kyosuke: Eh, wit? It's a question that requires wit?
Umizuki Chinami: You have to think differently. You have to get rid of your fixed ideas. It's important that you start looking at it from different angles.

Shitara Kyosuke: "Act, instead of worrying."

Kaneshiro Shinjuro: "Don't expect anything, to begin with."

Episode 02

Episode 03

Episode 04

Episode 05

Episode 06

Umizumi Chinami: There is no reason for love to start, but there is a reason for love to end.

Kaneshiro Shinjuro: "Feelings can never be expressed with words alone."

Umizumi Chinami: You turn the page of books that are written from top to bottom with your right hand, but you turn the page of a book written sideways with your left hand.

Episode 07

Episode 08

Umizuki Chinami: I think it's not good to be so vague in the first place. Girls like a man who is confident and is clear in what he wants.

Kitazato Ryosuke: Looking at this from a profiling standpoint, the main reason for misunderstandings is subconsious desires.

Futaba Daisuke: Don't force someone to fall in love with you. There are times that you won't be loved back (by the person you love in the same way) even though you love that person. If you only love someone when that person loves you, that isn't real love...
Futaba Daisuke: If you only love someone when that person loves you back, that means you don't really love that person. Really loving someone means that you don't care if that person loves you back; that's what love is.

Episode 09

Episode 10

Yasukawa Maki: What's the biggest shadow that you were able to see until now?
Umizaki Chinami: Ah, it's the night time. The shadow of the earth, that's the biggest shadow that I was able to see until now.

Yasukawa Maki: "The brighter the light, the darker the shadow."

Yasukawa Maki: Question. A man jumped out of a moving train and he was heavily injured. One month later, a different man jumped out of the same moving train but he didn't get injured. Why?
Umizaki Chinami: One month later, there was a lot of snow that fell.

Yasukawa Maki: Final Question. In a certain town, there's a fortune teller that's right about 50% of the time, and another fortune teller that's only right 30% of the time. But everyone would go to the one that's only correct 30% of the time. Why?
Umizaki Chinami: Because if you do the opposite of what the fortune teller tells you, the one that's only correct 30% of the time, it'll be correct 70% of the time.