31 March 2014

황금무지개 Gold Rainbow

Title: 황금무지개 Hwanggeummoojagae
English Title:
  • Gold Rainbow
  • The Golden Rainbow
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Episode: 41
  • 김유진 Kim Yoo Jin (유이 Uee)
  • 정일우 Jung Il Woo
  • 김상중 Kim Sang Joong
  • 안내상 Ahn Nae Sang
  • 차예련 Cha Ye Ryun
  • 이재윤 Lee Jae Yoon
  • 전준혁 Jun Joon Hyuk
  • 안서현 Ahn Seo Hyun
  • 이지훈 Lee Ji Hoon (지훈 Ji Hoon )
  • 김태준 Kim Tae Joon
  • 최로운 Choi Ro Woon
  • 김유정 Kim Yoo Jung
  • 오재무 Oh Jae Moo
  • 서영주 Seo Young Joo
  • 이채미 Lee Chae Mi
  • 정윤석 Jung Yoon Seok
  • 도지원 Do Ji Won
  • 조민기 Jo Min Ki

Kim Baek Won is one of the orphaned children raised by Kim Han Joo. She ends up becoming a police officer because she wants to solve crimes and to apprehend criminals.

Baek Won is actually Jang Ha Bin, an heir to a wealthy family who owns the fishing conglomerate Gold Fisheries. She got separated from her biological family and suffered from amnesia.

Seo Do Young was brought by his father into his new family when his mother died. As a child, he had to seem good-for-nothing in order for his father's family to accept him and to not be threatened by his existence. He ends up being a lawyer, although he still adopts a lazy persona as part of his strategy to survive in his harsh environment.


황금무지개 Gold Rainbow