15 February 2014

最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon

Title: 最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon
English Title:
  • Best Divorce
  • Matrimonial Chaos 
  • The Great Divorce
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 01
  • 瑛太 Eita
  • 尾野真千子 Ono Machiko
  • 真木よう子 Miki Yoko
  • 綾野剛 Ayano Go
  • 市川実和子 Ichikawa Miwako
  • 松尾諭 Matsuo Satoru
  • 小野ゆり子 Ono Yuriko
  • 八千草薫 Yachigusa Kaoru
  • 芹那 Serina

桑田佳祐 Kuwata Keisuke - イヤン Iyan (Yin Yang)
A year after Hamasaki Mitsuo and Hoshino Yuka had divorced, they seem to have become closer than ever. They go camping together, and they even went to Yuka's hometown to celebrate the New Year with his family.

When their relatives questioned Mitsuo and Yuka about their relationship, Mitsuo announced that they are getting married again to each other.

Saikō no Rikon is about a married couple who had gotten divorced because they have grown apart. But they have become closer to each other, and a year after their divorce, they have decided to get married again. It is a sequel to the drama 最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon.

Hamasaki Mitsuo and Hoshino Yuka truly love each other, but there are times when such feelings are not enough to make a relationship work. Even though they want to get married again to each other after they have gotten divorced, it is hard to do so because they just want very different things in life.

I think Saikō no Rikon is one of the greatly written dramas of all time. I like the characters and their dialogues. It's interesting how they have candid conversations about serious and complicated matters.

Hamasaki Mitsuo: Do you know the number one reason for divorce? It's marriage. You get a divorce because you get married.

Hamasaki Mitsuo: When you grow up, other people will get ahead of you many times. Things just don't go the way we want to.

Hamasaki Mitsuo: Having a child is not something you can easily decide, you know. If we don't plan it well, everything will become a mess!

Uehara Ryo: Have you ever thought of what happiness is?
Hamasaki Mitsuo: Happiness means a happy marriage, peace and prosperity in your household.
Uehara Ryo: That's all?
Hamasaki Mitsuo: And, when a girl next to you on the train fall asleep and rest her head on you, and you feel lucky!

Uehara Ryo: I'm thinking of another choice in life. I'm thinking, what if I've walked a different path that time? I'm thinking, maybe my life now is a mistake...

Uehara Akari: Women demand the finished product from men, but men demand the unfinished product from women. Then, when a man becomes a finished product, women would want to keep holding on to him, but when a woman becomes a finished product, men would become bored.

Shiomi Kaoru: People who just don't want to lose would usually say they don't care.

Hamasaki Mitsuo: You just sit there without thinking, don't you? We're in a situation here. Don't you think we have to consider who sits where carefully?

Uehara Akari: Even if someone tells you that you look like someone else, you don't know how to respond cause you don't know that other person, huh.

Uehara Akari: Well, a guy who doesn't have an affair although he's popular, and a guy who doesn't have an affair because he's not popular are two different cases.
Hamasaki Mitsuo: What's different?
Shiomi Kaoru: A guy who doesn't have an affair although he's popular have more value as a man compared to a guy who doesn't have an affair because he's not popular.

Uehara Akari: Why did you cheat on me?
Shiomi Kaoru: That's obvious. That's because you have become a mother.
Hoshino Yuka: You shouldn't blame the child.
Shiomi Kaoru: No. Not only you've become your child's mother but you've also become his mother. When you forgive a man once for having an affair, he'll see you as his mother. You shouldn't have forgiven him. You should've dumped him when he did it the first time. If not, he'll get spoiled forever. If all you do is comfort him, be nice to him and forgive him, you won't be a woman anymore. You'll be his mother.

Uehara Ryo: I've been thinking for the last ten years about what you said to me that time, "Ryo, you're not good enough". I kept thinking what's not enough from me. Then, when I had chestnuts just now, it came to my mind... What's not enough from me is my ability to choose; my ability to choose my life, to decide which path I should take. Once I choose, I have to leave everything behind.

Hoshino Yuka: Actually, I know. We know. We know, but we've been acting like we haven't realized it. Happiness for me is not your happiness. Happiness for you is not my happiness.

最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon (2013)

最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon