23 March 2013

最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon

Title: 最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon
English Title:
  • Best Divorce
  • Matrimonial Chaos
  • The Great Divorce
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 11
  • 瑛太 Eita
  • 尾野真千子 Ono Machiko
  • 真木よう子 Miki Yoko
  • 綾野剛 Ayano Go
  • 市川実和子 Ichikawa Miwako
  • 松尾諭 Matsuo Satoru
  • 小野ゆり子 Ono Yuriko
  • 八千草薫 Yachigusa Kaoru
  • 芹那 Serina

桑田佳祐 Kuwata Keisuke - イヤン Iyan (Yin Yang)
Hamasaki Mitsuo and Hamasaki Yuka have been married for a while but their different personalities always cause them to fight all the time. Mitsuo is very unhappy with his life; he even told an acquaintance that he is frustrated with his wife and he is just trying to deal with his situation as best as he can.

Mitsuo pulled his back and went to a massage center for treatment. He accidentally meets his ex-girlfriend Kondo Akari, who now works as a massage therapist. Mitsuo is now reminiscing about the past and he's even thinking about the paths he didn't take in life.

One day, Mitsuo sees Akari on the streets and runs to meet her. Just before he reaches her, a guy approaches Akari and gives her his scarf. Akari notices Mitsuo and introduces him as an old college friend to her husband Uehara Ryo.

When Mitsuo got home, Yuka has packed her things and is moving out of their apartment. She told Mitsuo that she has submitted their divorce papers that they filled out a few days earlier after a major fight, and they are now divorced.

Saikō no Rikon is about a married couple who have grown apart over time, and how they end their relationship through a divorce. It's actually surprising that they have been married for quite a while because Hamasaki Mitsuo and Hamasaki Yuka does not seem like they can even get along with each other, let alone live with each other in such close quarters.

To hear Mitsuo speak about his life, it's like he's having the worst life imaginable. He complains a lot about his situation in life, but he is mostly grumbling about his marriage to his wife Yuka.

I commend Eita's acting skills because he's managed to make what seems to be an awful character to be at least tolerable. Mitsuo is not a character that is easy to like, but Eita's skilled portrayal makes Mitsuo a character that is also not easy to hate.

I don't really know why I don't hate Mitsuo; it's probably because I could sort of understand where he's coming from. I don't think he's really thought things through, and he's so focused on all the negative things that he sometimes forget to take all the good things in consideration.

Anyway, when Yuka was talking to Mitsuo's grandmother Hamasaki Aiko about relationships, Aiko said something about the difference between men and women that really struck me. I wonder if it's really through for most people.

Hamasaki Aiko: ... When we women fall in love, we end up forgiving all their faults... But men are the opposite. When they fall in love, they begin searching for the woman's faults. While women forgive when they fall in love, men stop forgiving when they fall in love.

I think Saikō no Rikon is one of the greatly written dramas of all time. I like the characters and their dialogues. It's interesting how they have candid conversations about serious and complicated matters.

最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon (2014)

最高の離婚 Saikō no Rikon