27 February 2014

미스코리아 Miss Korea Quotes

Title 미스코리아 Miseu Koria
English Title: Miss Korea

Episode 01:

Ma Ae Ri: The walking of Miss Korea (a beauty queen) is different from a model's walk! You must walk without even the slightest tremor. Quietly, without the feet moving up and down, and your heels are an extension of your body.
Me Ah Ri: With your mouth, only the top front teeth will be shown when you smile. The lower part of your teeth must never be shown.

Ma Ae Ri: A well-proportioned figure. From the floor to the knee, 51 centimeters (20 inches). From the floor to the hip, 90 centimeters (35 inches). The ratio is exceptional. Ankle circumference, 20 centimeters (8 inches). Hip circumference, 90 centimeters (35 inches). Waist circumference, 58 centimeters (23 inches). Shoulder width, 40 centimeters (18 inches). The view of her back, the best I've ever seen.

Episode 02:

Ma Ae Ri: I'll turn you into Miss Korea.
Oh Ji Young: Do you really think I'm pretty?
Ma Ae Ri: Don't play innocent.
Oh Ji Young: I'm not pretty enough to be Miss Korea.
Ma Ae Ri: I'll be the one to decide that, you brat. And later, the judges will decide too. And much later, every man in South Korea will decide as well. If you're actually pretty or just acting like you are. I like that you don't act like you're pretty.

Episode 03:

Ma Ae Ri: The first thing the judges look at is not your well-rounded breasts or slim waist. What do you think it is? Legs! They're going to see how straight and close both legs are when you walk... Don't just try to show off your legs. Standing straight and upright is the beauty queen's method. The more tricks you use, the more your lack of confidence shows and the more your shortcomings stand out. Let's go with a straight and honest line.
Ma Ae Ri: If you want to become Miss Korea, you must never drop the Miss Korea scepter (placed in between your legs).

Ma Ae Ri: Starting today, you are going to do the leapfrog a hundred times. It is the best exercise to give strength to your thighs.

Ma Ae Ri: Do you know how much those high heels will teach you? If you don't fall, you'll only learn a little. If you do, you'll know everything. If you succeed, you'll only know a little. If you fail, you'll know everything.

Episode 04:

Ma Ae Ri: Listen carefully. The important part of Miss Korea's lower body is right here (the derriere), the place that sticks out the most from the hips. When your height is 170 centimeters (5 feet 6 inches or 67 inches), from here to your feet, the length has to be at least 86 centimeters (34 inches). Upper body, 84 centimeters (33 inches). Lower body, 86 centimeters (34 inches). That's the perfect ratio of the upper body and lower body for Miss Korea.

Episode 05:

Ma Ae Ri: You'll start the day by doing a headstand, no matter what. And you'll also end the day doing a headstand, no matter what... A woman's body line, an ample chest and a slim waist are the most charming when it is joined together with a firm hip to form an 'S' line. However, sadly, the human body is influenced by gravity. Every hour, the body sags drastically. The breasts sag. The hips also sag. The jawline sags as well. And if the mouth and eyes aren't enough, the inside of your stomach also sags. The things that you can't see, all your internal organs, will sag and loosen as well. That's why as you get older, isn't it natural that your belly starts to show... The best way to beat time is to do a headstand.
Ma Ae Ri: This (standing straight against a wall while wearing high heels) is the best method to balance the body and fix one's posture... To be able to withstand torture where you have to be still for at least 30 minutes, do you have any idea how painful that is?
Ma Ae Ri: This (running while sitting down and your legs stretched out straight before you) is the best exercise in correcting your crooked pelvis. When you get past the age of 20, every woman gets a crooked pelvis without exception. The way you cross your legs, the way you lean against the wall, the skewed way you sit and many other ways, all make your pelvis crooked. Doing this exercise will help line your pelvis symmetrically and you will grow another 2 centimeters. You know the two things that you can't fix with plastic surgery are your height and the expression of your eyes, right?

Episode 06:

Yoon ??: The way you look is all relative. No matter how pretty you are, stand right ntext to Hwang Shin Hye, Choi Jin Shil, and Shim Eun Ha. In this state, you won't make it for sure, 100 percent! That's why maintenance is important.

Ma Ae Ri: To become Miss Korea, the elevator motion is the best and most stressful exercise. Proper posture, an ample bosom, a tight stomach, straight legs; this exercise will help make all of those at once. Do it for 30 minutes today, 40 minutes tomorrow, and 50 minutes the day after tomorrow.

Episode 07:

Yang Choon Ja: Being proportionate is important when it comes to measurements. First, the length of the face times eight, equals one's height. Simply put, we need to focus on making our faces smaller, much smaller...
Ma Ae Ri: Second, the ratio between the chest, waist, and pelvis is important when it comes to measurements. The judges check for a ratio of 1 : 0.70 : 1, the so-called 'golden proportion'. It means the figure has to be shaped like an 'X'.

Ma Ae Ri: If you look pretty bare faced, then you're really pretty. Make the lips red, and your eyelashes long, almost like you have makeup on. For a bare face, gold is the best.

Yang Choon Ja: Gain some weight first (for the swimsuit competition). If you look too skinny, you tend to look ugly. If you need to be slim and voluptuous, it won't work well if you're too skinny. It's disgusting.
Ma Ae Ri: In the meantime, gain some weight. After you gain the weight, you only lose it where you need to. If anything, when you have a swimsuit on, a little weight is needed if you want both legs to look straight and long.

Yang Choon Ja: Now, have your thighs touch together and make sure your calves are as close as possible. Then put strength to your butt! If you put strength to your butt, the lower stomach and your thighs will tighten. Your thighs will come together and your calves will also come together to make you look tall and straight. And your butt will also go up like crazy!

Ma Ae Ri: Do you know why all the contestants for Miss Korea get lion's hair?... The lion's hair gives volume and makes your face look very small... Look, if you fluff your hair like this, doesn't it create volume? Then on the stage it will make your face look as small as a fist and you'll look a lot taller. It's very effective in making you look well-proportioned... Also, back in the days when everyone was poor, this hairstyle represented wealth. Look, now that your hair is rich in volume, don't you look much more elegant and refined?
Ma Ae Ri: Now, you've finally become one of the lions. The Miss Korea pageant is like a dangerous jungle where the weak gets eaten and only the strong survives. That's the law of the jungle.

Episode 08:

Ma Ae Ri: When you're posing from the back, sweep your hair in front of your shoulder so you can show the lines of your back.

Oh Ji Young: Moving your arms up and down is effective in lifting up the chest.

Episode 09:

Ma Ae Ri: It's not east to take off the tiara once you wear it. So you will go all the way?

Episode 10:

Ma Ae Ri: I hate seeing girls like you get jealous and stomp on girls who struggle through hardship to compete at Miss Korea! I have absolutely no tolerance for that!

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

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Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Yoon ??: One unsightly thing to do at a party is leaving lipstick marks on the wine glass...
Kim Jae Hee: All you have to do is just brush off the glass rim with your thumb each time you take a sip.

Yoon ??: Even if it's just a cookie or finger food, it is rude to eat it directly without placing it on your own plate... Walking around and eating without common sense is not good... Blatantly fixing your makeup in the middle of a party is also not good.

Episode 19:

Ma Ae Ri: You're not being a professional! Just what are you doing? If you're going to act like this, then just call it quits! Don't act like a child! Don't you know how to separate your personal life from your professional one?
Ma Ae Ri: Smiling only whenever you feel good, taking pictures and giving autographs only if you feel like it, do you think that's how a company model is supposed to be? Doing whatever you want when you feel like it, is that a contract?

Ma Ae Ri: If you don't have the heart to smile, then put on a mask! That's the respect you should have in this business.

Episode 20: