18 February 2014

왕가네 식구들 King's Family

Title: 왕가네 식구들 Wanggane Shikgoodeul
English Title:
  • King's Family
  • The Wang Family
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
Episode: 50
  • 이윤지 Lee Yoon Ji
  • 한주완 Han Joo Wan
  • 이태란 Lee Tae Ran
  • 오만석 Oh Man Seok
  • 오현경 Oh Hyun Kyung
  • 조성하 Jo Sung Ha
  • 문가영 Moon Ga Young
  • 최원홍 Choi Won Hong
  • 장용 Jang Yong
  • 김해숙 Kim Hae Sook
  • 나문희 Na Moon Hee
  • 이병준 Lee Byung Joon
  • 김희정 Kim Hee Jung
  • 이상숙 Lee Sang Sook
  • 이보희 Lee Bo Hee
  • 강예빈 Kang Ye Bin

The drama revolves around the Wang Family led by the father Wang Bong and the mother Lee Ang. They have five children: eldest daughter Wang Soo Bak, second daughter Wang Ho Bak, third daughter Wang Gwang Bak, fourth daughter Wang Hae Bak, and youngest son Wang Dae Bak.

Wang Gwang Bak quit her job as a teacher to pursue her dream of being a writer. Gwang Bak also serves as a surrogate mom to her youngest brother Dae Bak and while trying to rein in her troublesome ward, she encounters her first love.

Choi Sang Nam owns and manages a construction company. He did not graduate from high school because he had to quit to support himself and his family.

King's Famiy piqued my interest because it is about family relationships and family dynamics. I had assumed the story would revolve around ordinary family experiences and I had hoped that it would have realistic characters... let's just say the drama is exactly the opposite of my assumptions and hopes.

There are a lot of aggravating characters in King's Family, which makes it frustrating to watch and difficult to like. In addition, these infuriating individuals are often paired with decent people and I just cannot root for their relationships to work out because it's like wanting the good people to be miserable their entire lives. To be honest, I can't even wrap my head as to how they even got together in the first place.

For instance, the mother Lee Ang shows extreme favoritism of her first daughter Wang Soo Bak, intense dislike of her second daughter Wang Ho Bak, and blatant disregard for her other children Wang Gwang Bak, Wang Hae Bak, and Wang Dae Bak.

There are studies that support a parent may favor a child more than his other children and I suppose it is likewise possible that a parent may dislike a child more than his other children, so I don't really resent her for her emotions that she may not be able to control. However, I am annoyed with her for acting only strictly based on her emotions and for not using good judgment on how to raise her children properly.

Anyway, I don't really wish to dwell on the tiresome characters so instead, I'll talk about Choi Sang Nam, the only reason a sane person would continue watching the long 50-episode drama until the end.

I like how Sang Nam is the typical male lead but with unconventional tweaks. He is intelligent but not well-educated as he had to drop out of high school to support his family. He manages a construction company, which he established on his own and he did not inherit from his forebears.

왕가네 식구들 King's Family