02 January 2014

응답하라 1994 (Answer Me 1994)

Title: 응답하라 1994 Eungdabhara 1994
English Title:
  • Answer Me 1994
  • Reply 1994
  • Respond 1994

김선훈 Kim Seon Joon, also known as 칠봉 Chil Bong (칠봉이 Chil Bong i)

I really like the character Kim Seon Joon, also known as Chil Bong. I'm somewhat disappointed that most of his scenes in the drama are with Sung Na Jung because I wanted to see how his friendships with the other characters developed.

I want to see him establish closer friendships with the other characters so that whatever happens or does not happen between him and Na Jung, he will eventually have that deep and enduring connection with Na Jung and the others that will sustain the friendship despite the complications of the romantic angle.

I hope Chil Bong gets to confide to someone about his love issues; his cousin Kim Dong Joon (also known as Bing Geu Re), his catcher friend Jo In Sung, someone, anyone! Keeping all his emotions inside must be really difficult.

Chil Bong is a persistent person and since working hard and being persistent worked for him as an athlete, he may use the same method in love and pursuing Na Jung. I hope he accepts graciously if and when he realizes the fact that there are times that you will still not get the results you want even if you have given everything. I really want him to remain the cool person that he is, and I don't want him to become insufferable.

I think it's amazing that although it is assumed that he is a genius or naturally talented, it was presented in the drama that he is actually someone who worked really hard in order to become really good in baseball.

Although it was shown in the drama that Chil Bong has poor grades and is in academic probation several times, I don't think it means he is stupid. I think it just clearly shows that he is not concerned about studying and having good grades is not one of his priorities. It is true that some colleges and universities do make some allowances to keep the best athletes in school so these athletes can represent them, and so that's another reason to not care about grades. Chil Bong also spends a lot of time training so even though he wants to study, he doesn't have enough time to dedicate to studying.

He may not know what the meaning of mentor is, but the word is in English and he knew what it was when Na Jung used the Korean term for it.