27 August 2013

최고다 이순신 Lee Soon Shin is the Best

Title: 최고다 이순신 Choigoda Lee Soon Shin
English Title:
  • Lee Soon Shin is the Best
  • You're the Best Lee Soon Shin
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
Episode: 50
  • 이지은 Lee Ji Eun (아이유 IU)
  • 조정석 Jo Jung Seok
  • 이미숙 Lee Mi Sook
  • 김갑수 Kim Gab Soo
  • 손태영 Son Tae Young
  • 유인나 Yoo In Na
  • 고주원 Go Joo Won
  • 이지훈 Lee Ji Hoon
  • 가원 Ga Won

Lee Soon Shin is the youngest daughter of the Lee family. She is ordinary, plain, and she pales in comparison to her eldest sister Lee Hye Shin who is smart and elegant, and her other older sister Lee Yoo Shin who is pretty and a successful careerwoman.

Soon Shin was scammed when a fake talent manager scouted her to become an actress. In order to pay off her huge debt, she started working part-time in a restaurant as a waitress.

Soon Shin caught the attention of talent agency president Shin Joon Ho and a popular actress that he was trying to recruit. The actress told the agency president that she will sign with his company if he manages to make an ordinary plain girl (Soon Shin) into a successful celebrity.

I had to think about watching Lee Soon Shin is the Best because 50 hours is a serious investment. I don't think the drama should have been 50 hours long, mainly because there are a lot of filler scenes that I could do without.

The production's pacing seemed as if the drama has 100 episodes to work with, because at around 30 episodes, I am sorry to say that not much has happened story-wise, and the romantic pairing still has a long way to go.

I think it's terrible that majority of the issues in the drama was brought about by people not talking to each other, and by people withholding important information from someone because that particular person will be hurt by said information. Things would definitely be clearer if people just speak out and listen to each other, and if people try to read between the lines and not take things at face value.

I really like Shin Joon Ho and he's the main reason I stuck with the drama. Although he seems perfect on paper, I like that he has insecurities and he has faults that he try to overcome.

However, it seems weird that Joon Ho is so focused on Lee Soon Shin that he does not seem to do anything else; he doesn't seem to work, he doesn't seem to have any friends, and he doesn't seem to have any interests (aside from Soon Shin). I really do wonder what his life had been like before he has met Soon Shin.

Lee Soon Shin is the Best is basically all about family and motherhood. What does it really mean to be part of a family? What does it really mean to be a mother? Being related to someone by blood may mean you have a connection with that person but that is definitely not everything.

I am embarrassed to say that I am fascinated with Song Mi Ryung as a character. She is so self-involved that she couldn't care less about other people's point of view or feelings. I really do wonder what she's thinking about and how she's processing everything that's happening around her.

최고다 이순신 Lee Soon Shin is the Best