27 March 2013

ラストホープ Last Hope Quotes

Title: ラストホープ Rasuto Hōpu (Last Hope)
English Title: Last Hope (The Last Hope)

Episode 01

Takagi Junji: It is the doctor's responsibility to tell the patient of the limitations of medicine.
Tachibana Ayumi, also known as Aitani Kiko: So you think it would be better if a doctor tells the patient he is going to die?
Soejima Masaomi: What happens if you're giving them false hope? "Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man" (by Friedrich Nietzsche)

Episode 02

Episode 03

Komaki Toshiaki: Do you know the expression "God does not play dice"? It's by Albert Einstein... It means every phenomenon has its degree of regularity. He explains that coincidence doesn't exist.

Episode 04

Episode 05

Tachibana Ayumi, also known as Aitani Kiko: I don't care.
Hatani Takumi: People who say that often think the opposite.

Episode 06

Ogiwara Yukiyo: Will thinking this way change the situation? Living a long life does not necessarily mean living happily.

Episode 07

Ogiwara Yukiyo: Just because you're ill doesn't mean you can't expect things or you can't want things.

Ogiwara Yukiyo: Believing in your dreams, can it not move you forward?

Episode 08

Komaki Toshiaki: Everyone acts differently. The choice of manners is defined as the value of the person.

Komaki Toshiaki: People'emotions are complex. We want to live, and the next moment we want to die. We think about something as a solution while it's a mistake, and vice versa. That's why I find people who take it upon themselves to move forward impressive.

Episode 09

Episode 10

Episode 11