02 October 2010

내 여자친구는 구미호 My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox

Title: 내 여자친구는 구미호 Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho
English Title: My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2010
Episode: 16
  • 이승기 Lee Seung Gi
  • 신민아 Shin Min Ah
  • 노민우 No Min Woo
  • 박수진 Park Su Jin
  • 김호창 Kim Ho Chang
  • 박선영 Park Sun Young (효민 Hyo Min)
  • 변희봉 Byun Hee Bong
  • 윤유선 Yoon Yoo Sun
  • 성동일 Sung Dong Il
  • 임현식 Im Hyun Shik

이선희 Lee Sun Hee - 여우비 Yeoubi (Fox Rain)
Cha Dae Woong unintentionally releases a trapped legendary nine-tailed fox from a painting. When he eventually finds out what she really is, he names her Gu Mi Ho, which literally means nine-tailed fox in the Korean language).

Scared of Mi Ho and what she will do to him, he ends up doing everything that Mi Ho wants him to do; from feeding her lots of meat to pretending as her boyfriend.

이승기 Lee Seung Gi - 정신 이 나갔었나봐 Jeongsin I Nagass-eossnabwa (Losing My Mind)
신민아 Shin Min Ah - 샤랄라 Syalalla (Sha La La)
My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox is one of the better Korean dramas that I've watched. I think what brought me to liking the drama is the chemistry between the two leads: Lee Sung Gi and Shin Min Ah.

I honestly was not enthusiastic about this drama during its promotions mainly because I don't really like the fantastical elements of the story since I prefer realistic dramas. In addition, it was touted as a melodrama, and I tend to avoid melodramas so that was a big concern for me.

I like how the fantastical elements in the story were clearly explained. Gu Mi Ho, as a mythical nine-tailed fox, has always wanted to become human and the only way for her to become one is when her fox bead absorbs human energy for 100 days. Cha Dae Woong is injured and he needs the fox bead to live normally for the time being, especially since he is the lead star in an action movie. Although he doesn't know the implications of keeping the fox bead for 100 days, he agrees to do so because he needs it as well.

By knowing the parameters within which the drama operates, it becomes easier to relate and empathize with the characters. The fantastical elements of the story is the main source of conflict for the two lead characters so it's great to see them fall in love with each other early on in the drama and fight for their love until the end.

Mi Ho is such a refreshing character because she's so open and vocal about her feelings. Initially, Dae Woong was the opposite because he's human, he has learned over time to stay cool and to refrain from expressing his real emotions.

Cha Dae Woong: Sometimes it's easier for people not to know rather than to now,  and sometimes it's less humiliating to act like you don't know, even if you do. You don't even know, so don't interfere with other people's business.

When Mi Ho finds out later on that Dae Woong will die when she gets the fox bead after 100 days, she readily decided to let Dae Woong keep the fox bead. More than that, I like how when Dae Woong found out about the implications of the fox bead during the fiftieth day, he decided to return the fox bead to Mi Ho then, giving her half of his life so to speak.

It is a better take on the "I'll die for the person I love" premise because instead of dying for the other person, the two lead characters decided to share whatever they can have equally so that they can live happily together.

The drama has a lot of great lines that won't sound cheesy even when actually used in real life. At least, that's what I think.

Gu Mi Ho: I’m going to give you what you really want. Because I like you.

Cha Dae Woong: Don’t listen to anyone else. My words are true so just trust in them.

Cha Dae Woong: It’s not okay. It’s absurd and outrageous and crazy, but I like you. I don’t like you because it’s okay to like you; it’s that because I like you, everything’s okay.

Cha Dae Woong: I love you, so I won’t die in order to save you. You shouldn’t do it either.

Anyway, the drama did have a satisfying ending; though I'm not sure if this is really how the writers wanted the drama to end or if they made changes to please the viewers of the drama. Whatever the case, I'm thankful for the happy ending. It's funny though because given that the title of the drama is My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox, Mi Ho had to remain a mythical nine-tailed fox until the end, of course.

내 여자친구는 구미호 My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox