10 May 2017

개인주의자 지영씨 Individualist Miss Ji Young

Title: 개인주의자 지영씨 Gaeinjuuija Ji Young-ssi
English Title:
  • Individualist Ji Young
  • Individualist Miss Ji Young
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2017
Episode: 02
  • 민효린 Min Hyo Rin
  • 공명 Gong Myung
  • 오나라 Oh Na Ra
  • 지일주 Ji Il Joo
  • 장희령 Jang Hee Ryung
  • 강재준 Kang Jae Joon
  • 방수진 Bang Soo Jin
  • 정영기 Jung Young Ki

Na Ji Young, who avoids relationships with other people, meets her next-door neighbor Byuk Soo, who can't be alone...

Individualist Miss Ji Young is an interesting drama about polar opposites: Na Ji Young avoids having any kind of relationships with other people, and Byuk Soo can't live without being around other people.

I can't really use the term individualist for Ji Young, because I don't think that label applies to her properly. Although she is alone by choice, it wasn't because she was happy being alone. Ji Young doesn't want any relationships with other people because she is afraid of getting hurt when her expectations aren't met and her feelings aren't reciprocated in the same way.

I also can't really use the term extrovert for Byuk Soo because he doesn't really enjoy being with other people, although he is always surrounded by a lot of so-called friends. Byuk Soo wants to be around people because he doesn't want to be left all alone.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that deep inside, Ji Young and Byuk Soo are the same, although they choose to deal with their issues in very different ways. If you really think about it, a relationship between them might possibly work because they're really quite similar.

개인주의자 지영씨 Individualist Miss Ji Young

02 January 2017

1%의 어떤 것 1% of Anything

Title: 1%의 어떤 것 1% Ui Eotteon Geot
English Title:
  • 1% of Anything
  • 1% of Something
  • Something About 1%

Lee Jae In and Kim Da Hyun, also known as Kim Da Da

25 December 2016

コールドケース Cold Case Quotes

  • コールドケース Kōrudo Kēsu
  • コールドケース 真実の扉 Kōrudo Kēsu Shinjitsu no Tobira
English Title:
  • Cold Case
  • Cold Case Door to the Truth

Episode 01: Confined Voice

Ishikawa Yuri: As time passes, circumstances and people change...

Morinaga Kensho: Why bring up again this incident from 20 years? What's the point of it?
Ishikawa Yuri: Because it shouldn't be forgotten. We shouldn't put a lid on the truth for someone else's convenience.

Episode 02: Memory

Takagi Shinjiro: We're trying to help you.
Higa Hitomi: What for?
Ishikawa Yuri: To bring your memory back.
Higa Hitomi: Like I said, what for?

Episode 03: False Accusation

Takagi Shinjiro: When you love someone, you only want to see the good things about that person. There's that sort of thing too, right?

Episode 04: Orion

Episode 05: Pool

Douguchi Ryo: In any game, like in politics or business, the ultimate strategy is not having one at all, or rather, not to show it.

Episode 06: Love Letter

Ishikawa Yuri: A crime will not go away just because it's a thing of the past.

Kaneko Toru: Wanting stuff to be thrilled about, it's proof of one's frustration.

Takagi Shinjiro: 'Anybody needs somebody', don't you think?

Episode 07: Classmates' Reunion

Episode 08: Millennium

Episode 09: The Promise

Episode 10: Black Forest

Akamatsu Eiji: We see things even when it seems we don't.

Ishikawa Yuri: "We see things even when it seems we don't."