30 September 2016

侠飯~おとこめし~ Otoko Meshi

Title: 侠飯~おとこめし~ Otoko Meshi
English Title: Otoko Meshi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2016
Episode: 11
  • 生瀬勝久 Namase Katsuhisa
  • 柄本時生 Emoto Tokio
  • 三浦誠己 Miura Masaki
  • 内田理央 Uchida Rio
  • 高畑裕太 Takahata Yuta
  • 戸塚純貴 Tozuka Junki
  • 木下隆行 Kinoshita Takayuki
  • 木本武宏 Kimoto Takehiro

Yanagiba Ryuichi is the boss of the Yanagiba-gumi and Hino Joji is his loyal sidekick. When Ryuichi and Joji got into a dispute and exchanged gun fire with a rival gang, an innocent bystander got caught in the cross fire.

Panicking and scared for his life, college student Wakamizu Ryota almost got shot when he found himself in the middle of a gang fight. Ryuichi got injured when he was saving hapless Ryota.

Since Ryota lives nearby, Ryuichi ended up staying in Ryota's apartment to recuperate and to hide from the police. Ryuichi is an expert cook, and he uses whatever meager supplies he can find in Ryota's tiny kitchen to make delicious food.

Otoko Meshi is an interesting drama about food and cooking. I think people who are just starting to learn about cooking would find it fun to watch, because it mainly tackled basic tasks like how to cook rice or how to turn canned food into a palatable dish.

I think it's great that yakuza boss Yanagiba Ryuichi is also a good cook. I like how a person has a certain image or is known to be good at one thing, and then you discover that he is surprisingly an expert in an entirely different field.

Ryuichi is staying with Wakamizu Ryota, a college student who is in the process of looking for a job. Ryota and his friends have a lot of concerns, and Ryuichi gives them life lessons while discussing food and cooking.

I personally love watching shows about food and cooking, so it only makes sense that I'll want to watch the drama. It's also a good thing that each episode runs for around thirty minutes, so watching the whole thing won't take up too much time.

Hino Joji: A man gets things done when it's necessary.
-- E05 No heat, no knife, the yummy jail meal

侠飯~おとこめし~ Otoko Meshi