15 September 2015

恋仲 Koinaka Quotes

Title: 恋仲 Koinaka
English Title:
  • Best Friends In Love
  • Love

Episode 01

Miura Aoi: Someone said, your arms exist to embrace a person who you cherish the most, and your legs exist to run to a person who is precious to you. You reach out desperately and you run like crazy to where that person is waiting.

Tominaga Mirei: Having different taste in food is crucial in a relationship.

Tominaga Mirei: Normally, the first love ends unrequited. That's why it stays as a beautiful memory.

Miura Aoi: Why did you confess in the first place, if you knew you were going to be rejected?!
Kanazawa Kohei: "It's okay if you miss a penalty kick, as long as you have the courage to kick." A quote by Roberto Baggio.

Episode 02

Kanazawa Kohei: But, don't worry too much. I'm sure you two can be friends like before.
Miura Aoi: You're the only one who want to go back to how we were. Everyone has changed, but you didn't. Stop talking like a child. We can't go back to the way we were.

Tominaga Mirei: That'll be hard. You can reconcile with friend who's a man, but not with a friend who's a woman.
Tominaga Mirei: Friendship between a man and a woman doesn't exist in a first place.
Tominaga Mirei: You see? If you can't root for a friend's love, then that's not a friendship.

Isohara Shinichi: Listen, only men fuss over the matters in the past. Most women forget and move on.

Serizawa Akari: I like how it ended. It's not realistic if every story has a happy ending.

Episode 03

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Episode 06

Miura Aoi; How many designs did you make?
Tominaga Mirei: Hmmm... about 200.
Miura Aoi: That many?
Tominaga Mirei: Of course. This is my chance. Oh, did you just think that you'll never have the opportunity, or something negative, didn't you?
Miura Aoi: Not really.
Tominaga Mirei: I know how you feel. I was very pessimistic when I was a newbie here.
Miura Aoi: Really?
Tominaga Mirei: Working with a great person like Niwa Mariko, I can't help but think negatively; such as thinking "maybe I have no talent at all". I've even thought about quitting.
Tominaga Mirei: But I realized that I shouldn't limit myself. I decided that for the time being, I will work with Mariko and learn from her as best as I can.

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