18 September 2015

37.5℃の涙 37.5℃ no Namida Quotes

Title: 37.5℃の涙 37.5℃ no Namida
English Title: 37.5℃ Tears

Episode 01

Yanagi Chikara: Please keep this in mind... Our job is to take care of sick children, not to lecture their family's policies. Don't pay attention to the children, don't scold them. Don't impose your own values on them. Those are the three principles in home care service for sick children. Please work hard without doing anything unnecessary.

Mori Satomi: You don't know anything; don't say things irresponsibly.

Episode 02

Sasaki Marie: If her parents don't believe her, who would believe her?!

Episode 03

Yanagi Chikara: Why do you think we have the manual? It's to prevent complaints from clients.

Yanagi Chikara: On top of keeping the rules, preventing troubles is also a professional's job.

Yanagi Chikara: In cases like today, there will be complaints whoever I send out. And even if I fire the staff, it won't stop the other party's unreasonable demands.

Yanagi Chikara: From the beginning, I've resolved to deal with any problems. That's my way of taking responsibility.

Episode 04

Episode 05

Episode 06

Episode 07

Episode 08

Asahina Koharu: But when parents keep saying that they're doing it for their child, isnt that really for themselves?!

Episode 09

Episode 10