16 June 2015

ようこそ、わが家へ Yōkoso Wagaya e Quotes

Title: ようこそ、わが家へ Yōkoso, Wagaya e
English Title: Welcome to My Family

Episode 01

?: Isn't the work of a pro (professional) to consider the opinion of other people, and add something in his own way?

Kurata Kenta: I don't say what I want to say, and I always study other people's facial expressions. At any rate, I lived trying to avoid causing troubles to those around me. The reason is that I hate conflict. No, that's not it. The truth is, I'm scared of getting into a dispute. I'm also told that I'm very considerate towards people.
Kurata Kenta: So, in this world where the person who speaks up wins, of 'first come, first served', I'm at a disadvantage.

Kandori Asuka: You can apologize, or you can run away. I don't think you have any other options.

Kurata Taichi: Anyhow, the most important thing is to not interfere unnecessarily.

Kandori Asuka: I don't owe things to someone I won't ever meet again.

Episode 02

Nishizawa Setsuko: Everybody has secrets that they don't want others to know, right?

Episode 03

Episode 04

Kurata Nana: Are you my brother's girlfriend?
Kandori Asuka: About that, I'm not so sure...

Kandori Asuka: In general, stalkers want to know everything about the other person. They are immersed in a superiority complex, as if they are controlling the other person. What Nameless (stalker) currently wants the most may be your personal information.

Episode 05

Kurata Kenta: I understand you may feel uneasy or discontent, but everybody gives their very best while enduring that!
Kurata Kenta: Stop getting in the way of those who are doing their best just because of such insignificant things!

Episode 06

Episode 07

Kandori Asuka: Despite how things are, it seems that I'm the future bride of the Kurata family, so I have to do as your mother says.

Episode 08

Kandori Asuka: Do you have an arrest warrant?
?: We don't.
Kandori Asuka: Then she would go with you on her own free will?
?: Yes.
Kurata Kenta: What does that mean, Asuka?
Kandori Asuka: It means that if you don't want to go, you can refuse.
?: However, we would like to ask you about the incident at the police station.
Kandori Asuka: But she can require that the talk takes place at her house, right?

Episode 09

Kurata Kenta: But, you know, we can't run away from the current situation. Because of that guy, Nana and Mom got hurt. If we keep silent about this incident, I think we're just waiting for the worst to happen. I don't want to do that.
Kurata Kenta: We can't allow unscrupulous people to do as they please. So I will settle the issue on my own terms.

Episode 10

Kurata Nana: "If you do nothing, nothing will happen."

Kurata Nana: My father has always said, "Don't interfere unnecessarily" since long ago. Honestly, I was somewhat ashamed of my father. But this time, I realized that my father was not running away from trouble. He was saying that because he doesn't want the family to get into any dangerous situation. His main priority is to always keep the family safe.
Kurata Nana: My mother is really careless, an there are a lot of things about her that worried me. But no matter what happens, she will always have a smile. It's because my mother is there that my family was able to do our best to overcome this incident without looking back.
Kurata Nana: Ever since I was young, my brother always told me, "If something happens, come talk to me anytime". But because he is a timid person, I thought I couldn't rely on him. The incident made me realize how much I was comforted just by having him listen to me. I was able to continue looking for job opportunities because my timid brother worked hard to protect the family. It's embarrassing so I can't tell him directly, but I think my brother is the greatest hero.
Kurata Nana: Before this incident, I thought I was the most level-headed one in the family. But, actually, it was the complete opposite; everyone in my family are protecting me and taking care of me. That I am here now is really thanks to my family...

Kandori Asuka: However, I believe that the people who live earnestly are the ones that will surely be able to become happy in the end.

Kurata Keiko: But commenting 'bitter' after drinking tea is bad, isn't it?