25 June 2015

連愛あるある Renai Aru Aru

Title: 連愛あるある Renai Aru Aru
English Title:
  • The Love Continues
  • There is Love
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 01
  • 黒木メイサ Kuroki Meisa
  • 淵上泰史 Fuchikami Yasushi
  • 大倉孝二 Okura Koji
  • 荒井菜々緒 Arai Nanao (菜々緒 Nanao)
  • 白洲迅 Shirasu Jin
  • 菅谷哲也 Sugaya Tetsuya
  • 坂井真紀 Sakai Maki
  • 佐々木希 Sasaki Nozomi
  • 千葉雄大 Chiba Yūdai
  • 浅見れいな Asami Reina
  • 品川祐 Shinagawa Hiroshi
  • ゆう YOU
  • 戸田恵梨香 Toda Erika
  • ムロツヨシ Muro Tsuyoshi
  • 森カンナ Mori Kanna
  • 八嶋智人 Yashima Norito
  • 堀部圭亮 Horibe Keisuke
  • 菅原大吉 Sugawara Daikichi

Renai Aru Aru is composed of three stories: Shanai Renai Aru Aru, Sngle Mother Renai Aru Aru, and Dōsei Renai Aru Aru.

社内恋愛あるある Shanai Renai Aru Aru
Michiyama Kiyomi has made it a policy to not get involved with anyone close to her because of an unfortunate experience in the past.

She is designated to be an assistant to her colleague Tamaki Kenichi for a special project at work, and they quickly became close. Although she vowed that she won't get into an office romance, Kiyomi and Kenichi started to secretly date each other.

シングルマザー連愛あるある Shinguru Mazā (Single Mother) Renai Aru Aru
Akai Hitoe got full custody of her five-year-old son Akai Atsushi when she got divorced. Because she's a single mother who has to look after a young child, she often has a hard time finding a job.

Hitoe works as a dental assistant, and a customer suddenly asked her to go out with him for lunch. Kuroda Tomoharu is a second-generation owner of a construction company, and Hitoe is urged by a close friend to consider Tomoharu as a potential father for her son Atsushi.

銅製連愛あるある Dōsei Renai Aru Aru
Ozawa Mari and Aoyagi Shinta have been together for a while, and they have decided to live together. They had a great time being with each other for the first few days, but then they started having problems with each other's habits.

Renai Aru Aru is a drama about love and relationships. The drama has three parts, and each story is about 15 minutes in duration. Since there isn't a lot of time, the plot development is quite fast-paced.

In Shanai Aru Aru, Michiyama Kiyomi has to contend with the complications of getting involved with a colleague. It was difficult to make their relationship work when Kiyomi had to work under Tamaki Kenichi for a special project, but it was even more tricky when Kenichi to be Kiyomi's assistant for a different project.

I also don't think it's a good idea to have an office romance, although I haven't had an unfortunate experience in the past like Kiyomi. It's just sometimes difficult to be professional when emotions are involved. I just don't think all the trouble is worth it, especially if you later break up but then you still have to work together.

連愛あるある Renai Aru Aru