17 June 2015

マザー・ゲーム Mother Game

  • マザー・ゲーム Mazā Gēmu (Mother Game)
  • マザー・ゲーム 彼女たちの階級 Mazā Gēmu (Mother Game) Kanojotachi no Kaikyū
English Title:
  • Mother Game
  • Mother Game: The Women Class
  • The Mother Class
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 10
  • 木村文乃 Kimura Fumino
  • 貫地谷しほり Kanjiya Shihori
  • 長谷川京子 Hasegawa Kyoko
  • 檀れい Dan Rei
  • 安達祐実 Adachi Yumi
  • 室井滋 Muroi Shigeru
  • 瀬戸康史 Seto Koji
  • 竜雷太 Ryu Raita
  • 上地雄輔 Kamiji Yusuke
  • 岡田義徳 Okada Yoshinori
  • 横山歩 Yokoyama Ayumu
  • 後藤由依良 Goto Yuira
  • 大江優成 Oe Yusei
  • 矢崎由紗 Yazaki Yusa
  • 富永沙織 Kakuta Kayo
  • 映美くらら Emi Kurara
  • 篠田光亮 Shinoda Mitsuyoshi
  • 丸山智己 Maruyama Tomomi

Kamahara Kiko moved back to her hometown to live with her grandfather Kamahara Tetsuji so she can spend more time with her young son Kamahara Haruto. She needs to enroll Haruto at a daycare, but it seems a hopeless cause because there is a waiting list of around 257 kids.

Naraoka Fumi, the director of the Shizuku Kindergarten, overheard Kiko's dilemma and she kindly offered a spot for Haruto in the prestigious school.

When Kiko accompanied Haruto on his first day at school, she was amazed to find that all the other mothers are all dressed in navy suits and overly polite.

She is happy to see her old childhood friend Kamiya Yuki with her daughter Kamiya Sakurako, but Yuki is surprised that Kiko came to the school without knowing anything. Yuki is quick to set Kiko straight about the community's unspoken rules.

Yuki informed Kiko that there is a hierarchy of power among the mothers, and she must be careful not to antagonize the top three most influential ones.

Gotō Midori is the mother of Gotō Rika, and her family has an estimated annual income of JPY18 million. Yano Satoko is the mother of Yano Yūki, and they have an estimated yearly income of JPY30 million. The most influential person is Odadera Marie, the mother of Odadera Makoto, and her household has an estimated net worth of JPY500 million.

Mother Game is an interesting drama about a group of women who has to deal with the pressures of being an all-around perfect person: a supportive wife to a successful husband, a doting mother to promising children, and an accomplished woman in her own right.

It's about how the mothers of the children enrolled in a prestigious kindergarten have a complicated relationship with each other, and how there are many unspoken rules in place that everyone must adhere to or they will suffer the consequences.

Yano Satoko: But it's best to respect the rules that everyone else is concerned about.

Kamahara Kiko and her son Kamahara Haruto came into the Shizuku Kindergarten like a breathe of fresh air, and they stick out like a sore thumb in a small community of socialite mothers and their pampered children.

However, I think Kiko and Haruto are not characters you can really identify with (though you certainly want to) because they are both too idealistic that they truly seem extraordinary, both in their fictional realm and the real world.

マザー・ゲーム Mother Game