26 June 2015

永遠のぼくら Sea Side Blue (Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue)

Title: 永遠のぼくら Sea Side Blue (Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue)
English Title: Eternal Us Sea Side Blue
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 01
  • 有村架純 Arimura Kasumi
  • 山崎賢人 Yamazaki Kento
  • 窪田正孝 Kubota Masataka
  • 成海璃子 Narumi Riko
  • 清野菜名 Seino Nana
  • 浅香航大 Asaka Kodai
  • 矢本悠馬 Yamoto Yuma
  • 東出昌大 Higashide Masahiro
  • 高橋ひとみ Takahashi Hitomi
  • 小沢一敬 Ozawa Kazuhiro
  • 内田慈 Uchida Chika
  • 坂井真紀 Sakai Maki
  • 矢島健一 Yajima Kenichi
  • 花坂椎南 Hanasaka Shīna
  • 柳沢慎吾 Yanagisawa Shingo

Matsuoka Akī is 21 years old, and she still doesn't know her dreams for the future. She feels that she's always searching for something, and that she's anticipating for something to happen for the longest time.

Nagata Taku is Akī's childhood friend who is secretly in love with her. By following Akī around, Taku has managed to get into college and to graduate with a humanities degree even though most people thought it was an impossible goal for him in the first place.

Akī and Taku agreed to take pictures for a group of science majors at her university that they can use for a free children's workbook that they are making to encourage kids to pursue research. They met Kondo Shunji, Iino Sosuke, Serizawa Ryo, Niwa Reiko, Saeki Yumehana, and Yamauchi Kōta.

Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue is an interesting drama about the youth who have to work towards their future even though they have no idea what careers they want to pursue or even how to become adults.

It's very difficult to root for Matsuoka Akī because she has the most common problem that everyone encounters at that point in their lives whatever their situation. Of course Akī's concerns shouldn't be belittled but she has a supportive family who has connections and financial stability to help her achieve her dreams whatever they may be.

永遠のぼくら Sea Side Blue (Eien no Bokura Sea Side Blue)