26 March 2015

残念な夫。 Zannen na Otto。 Quotes

Title: 残念な夫。 Zannen na Otto.
English Title:
  • Disappointing Husband
  • Disappointing Man
  • Unfortunate Husband

Episode 01

Text: Can you afford a child? To raise one child, it takes JPY20 million (US$160,000)!?

Haruno Yoichi: Shaquille O'Neal said, "Superiority isn't just one act, it is a habit. This is only accomplished through endless hours of practice."

Haruno Chisato: Men, you have to raise them, too. With money, and around the apartment, he does everything the same as before the baby was born. It seems he doesn't understand.
Hosoi Miwako: Men, you know, aren't good with change.
Haruno Chisato: Even though I do the childcare, of course I want my husband to be involved, too. As parents, I want us to do it together but...
Hosoi Miwako: I know. After I gave birth, I was so dissatisfied (with the situation) that I thought about divorce.

Hosoi Miwako: Don't carry the burden by yourself. It's good to tell your husband, "it's hard".
Haruno Chisato: No, it's not hard. It's just what any mother does. Raising children is a blessing. If I said it was hard, that wouldn't be good for Hana.
Hosoi Miwako: It's okay, because children can sense it. If you don't say it's hard once in a while, though you never get a day off from frantically raising your child, they'll know anyway.
Hosoi Miwako: Therefore, you have to tell him, okay? "This is hard, help me", it's fine to yell now and then, okay?

Haruno Yoichi: Can I help?
Haruno Chisato: You ask, "Can I help?" What's your point in asking?
Haruno Yoichi: Huh?
Haruno Chisato: You think because childcare is the mother's thing, 'help' is all you do, right?

Episode 02

Haruno Yoichi: Manage somehow?

Hosoi Miwako: In general, guys just don't get it, do they? Every mother, from the moment they give birth, raising the child becomes the focus.
Sudo Yui: Me, too. When i was a beginner, everyday was nerve-wracking.
Hosoi Miwako: To suddenly have this small life entrusted to you, the pressure is enormous, there's no way they can understand. Isn't that right?
Haruno Chisato: That's true. Everyday I am fearful. Occasionally, when she's sleeping quietly, I worry if she is breathing properly.

Episode 03

?: The saying goes, "a three year old's spirit by a 100". Right?

Sudo Toshiya: Because there are large disparities in the world of education, the gift of a high level education will lead to a child's success. This is the duty of a father.
Sudo Toshiya: If you leave the it to the mother, that's no good... In general, the women spoil the children.

Sudo Toshiya: It's the father battling in society that teaches them how severe things are in the world... If a father doesn't give them training, then children will lose direction in life.

Haruno Yoichi: This is special education. To create a genius, you have to start before age one.

Hosoi Miwako: But you know, Chisato, you did fall in love with him, right?
Haruno Chisato: Huh? You abruptly changed the subject?
Hosoi Miwako: Chisato, your husband's parents raised him in such a manner that you fell in love with him enough that you thought it'd be good to marry him. Maybe his parents weren't entirely bad?

Hosoi Shigeru: Even so, you somehow or another fell in love with your wife.
Haruno Yoichi: Huh?
Hosoi Shigeru: You were so charmed by the girl they raised that you went as far as to marry her. Your wife's parents raised her... Her parents, what were they thinking raising her like that?
Haruno Yoichi: What were they thinking when raising her?

Episode 04

Sudo Toshiya: In the first place, a family exists so the man can go out and earn a living. The man's job is what meets all the needs of the family, right?

Kirishima Kaede: There are times at your job when you really have to focus, don't you think? Things like family or romance, if you have to focus on such things, you won't be able to get things done... Since you love what your doing, haven't you just forgotten how it is to concentrate on work?

Episode 05

Haruno Chisato: To design something is to design relationships.

Sudo Yui: Right now, I'm not called anything except Yuto's mom. Every now and then, I don't know who I am.

Hosoi Miwako: There's no way you can become a professional pianist, is there?
Hosoi Mika: If I don't try, I wouldn't know.
Hosoi Miwako: If you fail, it'll be too late.

Haruno Chisato: But raising children, isn't it something that's an effort of both fathers and mothers? In the world, there are many couples where both are working, right?

Kondo Erika: You need to cherish what you have.

Episode 06

Haruno Chisato: Even though I say I don't care, the more I say it, the more it seems I care.

Hosoi Miwako: It's wonderful to chase after a dream, but "if you like it, go for it?", even though I say that to other children, that's irresponsible.

Haruno Yoichi: Erase yourself, adapt to others.

Haruno Yoichi: Michael Jordan once said, "I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying." And John Stockton said this, "I don't let others define my abilities."
Haruno Yoichi: Isn't that just how Mika chan feels? It doesn't matter whether she succeeds or not, she has to try.
Haruno Yoichi: If Hana chooses a path she likes, that will be the start of her own life, I think. Hana too, someday will depart from the umbrella of her parents, then she'll walk her own path in life. Something like that.

Hosoi Shigeru: However, women, they never forget anything.
Haruno Yoichi: Is everything that Miwako said the truth?
Hosoi Shigeru: Probably, But honestly, I don't remember well.

Haruno Chisato: Because mothers are so close to their children, they worry too much and meddle too much, probably. It's hard, being a mother.

Episode 07

Episode 08

Hosoi Miwako: Men that are cheating have certain characteristics.
Haruno Chisato: Characteristics?
Hosoi Miwako: They're careful about their cell phones, they become more talkative, and they suddenly become more attentive.

Tsukishima Hiroshi: Where is there anything that is perfect? "That anyone would envy", is that really necessary? In the first place, haven't you been aiming for the wrong thing?

Episode 09

Hosoi Shigeru: Ten principles to not lose. The first one?
Haruno Yoichi: Do not become emotional. Maintain composure.
Hosoi Shigeru: Exactly, correct. Number two?
Haruno Yoichi: Find an ally among the mediators.
Hosoi Shigeru: Yes. Number three?
Haruno Yoichi: Be careful about your appearance.
Hosoi Shigeru: Yes, good. Hey, hey, it's written that your first impression is the most important.

Haruno Akemi: What does he mean it only happened once? Cheating is cheating, there's no way that should ever be permitted.

Haruno Chisato: But living with a man so indifferent to our daughter, will that really make the child happy? Can we really be a family when I can't trust my husband?

Hosoi Shigeru: Is it alright for you to give up? You know what John Stockton said, right? "I don't let other people define my limits." And Anzai-sensei said it too, "When you give up, it's game over." Is it really over? Is it game over?

Episode 10