21 March 2015

ウロボロス Ouroboros Quotes

Title: ウロボロス Uroborosu (Ouroboros)
English Title: Ouroboros

Episode 01: 金時計の男 Kindokei no otoko (The man of the gold watch)

Danno Tatsuya: Lying at the same pace as I breathe is my policy for this week.

Ryūzaki Ikuo: People aren't what they seem to be.

Chōno Shinichi: You were taking in his words just now. Look at his eyes. Could you see what he was really thinking?
Chōno Shinichi: Those aren't the eyes of a detective. They're the eyes of a criminal.

Episode 02: オムライスの秘密 Omuraisu no himitsu (Secret omelet rice)

Ryūzaki Ikuo: But depending on the situation, there are things you want to forget.

Ryūzaki Ikuo: Do you know what "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" means?
Hibino Mizuki: If someone does something for you, you should do something for them, right?

Danno Tatsuya: Anyone pretending that much must be hiding something.

? Aoi: I understand now. Happiness is something that's within yourself.

Episode 03: 約束だよ、イクオ Yakusoku dayo, Ikuo (It's a promise, Ikuo)

Kashiwaba Yuiko: ... from now on, no matter what happens, live strongly.

Episode 04: 結子先生の秘密 Yuiko-sensei no himitsu (The secret of teacher Yuiko)

Kashiwaba Yuiko: Ikuo, next time, if those guys hit you, you hit them right back... For guys like that, you have to give them your fists.

Danno Tatsuya: This week, I'll be in disguise.

Ryūzaki Ikuo: I remember something that teacher Yuiko told me, "If you get hit, hit them back". Teacher Yuiko, why did she say that to me?
Danno Tatsuya: That's normal, right? Actually, now...
Ryūzaki Ikuo: I think the normal thing would be not to say it. I'm curious.

Hibino Mizuki: "If you get hit, hit them back!" If these things keep happening, no one will be saved.

Episode 05: 君は僕が守る Kimi wa boku ga mamoru (I will protect you)

Ryūzaki Ikuo: Anyway, even if you question me, I don't have an answer for something I don't know about.

Danno Tatsuya: Time won't stand still, Ikuo.

Hibino Mizuki: I'm not saying I don't trust you.
Ryūzaki Ikuo: Mizuki...
Hibino Mizuki: I don't want to distrust you... However, right now, I can't believe you.

Ryūzaki Ikuo: It's a little scary, isn't it? The person you've always believed in, maybe it was all just an illusion.

Danno Tatsuya: You're coming with me, right, Ikuo?
Ryūzaki Ikuo: Why do you ask me that even now?
Danno Tatsuya: I'm just a little curious about what's important to us, and if you're wavering inside.

Episode 06: 絶対絶命 Zettai zetsumei (Desperate situation)

Danno Tatsuya: Fugitives exhaust their minds and bodies. Unexpectedly, they hide in familiar territory.

Danno Tatsuya: Don't lower your guard just because you're partners. You never know when someone will turn on you.

Abiko Kirino: You have something, a goal you can't tell anyone about. Once you've accomplished this goal, what will you do after that?

Hibino Mizuki: It's been a while since I've made something for someone else.

Episode 07: 何でだよ、結子先生 Nande dayo, Yuiko-sensei (Why did you do it, teacher Yuiko?)

Episode 08: まほろばの秘密 Mahoroba no himitsu (The secret of Mahoroba)

Hijiri ?: There are many things in this world that are better not to know. Then, if you don't know, you can keep on living.

Fukamachi Takeshi: Somehow, I understand. You won't show your true face to anyone, Tatsuya, that's why you're always playing a character. Will you show your it to me someday? Your true face, Tatsuya?

Episode 09: 金時計の正体 Kindokei no shōtai (The true identity of the man of the gold watch) (The true nature of the man of the gold watch)

Episode 10: ただいま Tadaima (I'm home)

Ryūzaki Ikuo: But really, it wasn't that I couldn't remember. I didn't want to remember.